Fun with Elves

Quite a few years ago, my friend Carol gave me The Elf on the Shelf. Our youngest was already a teenager, but I suppose she thought it would be fun for the grand kids. Or maybe, MAYBE, she just loved the Christmas Elves of our childhood and thought I should have one.

In the 60s and 70s, every house had an elf amongst the Christmas decorations, right?

We had two, I think. My brother might say there were three. No matter the number, I always loved those elves.

My friend Janet, who owns The Empty Nest, recently acquired a bunch of vintage elves. She said that someone asked how the elves can be vintage when they were made in Japan. Because everyone knows that vintage = antique and all antiques were made in America. Right?

Anyway, today, on my way to dinner, I took a few of those elves off of Janet’s hands.

They’re silly things, really, but they made me smile. And that felt good. Smiles have been a bit rare around here lately.

Once I started smiling, I sorta got carried away. What better way to kill time waiting for food than playing with my new-to-me elves?

And since nearby diners seemed to enjoy my elves’ antics, I thought you might, too.

Menu Help


"I Love Beer!" says the elf.
“I Love Beer!” says the elf.


“Hmmm, isn’t a Cosmo more sophisticated?”


“Tastes more sophisticated.”


This particular Elf thinks beer is better.


He was also very happy with dessert.


VERY happy with dessert.


So happy, he fainted.


A not to be named member of the Warrenton Town Council was a bit perplexed by the elves’ antics.

But I bet even she would agree that The Elf on the Shelf has nothing on these old guys.

5 Replies to “Fun with Elves”

  1. How fun.
    I sure love my elf from Carol Mama,
    We hide Buddy every year from granny monsters starting on Thanksgiving.
    I too have a few antique ones.
    I think Carol gave us elf fever.
    Love this post.
    Woolie Hugs

  2. When I was little we had several little elf ornaments, I miss them, unfortunately my dad pitched them in the trash when they were cleaning out old Christmas stuff, I was sad when I found that out 🙁

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