The Village of Gruyeres

In keeping with the theme of “just” hanging out with friends during our trip to Europe, Annelies and I didn’t make any plans for Saturday. We were content to visit with Tammi and Martin wherever. Life isn’t always about seeing stuff and doing things, but spending time with the people who matter to you.

But Tammi suggested that we visit the village of Gruyeres, which is about 20 miles (a 40 minute drive) from their house. She hadn’t been for a while and wanted to get out of the house. Martin’s back was bothering him, so he stayed behind with the pups.

I hadn’t done any research on Gruyeres, so didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I didn’t even have any preconceived notion of what it might even look like, what we might see, etc. But, since Tammi suggested it, it couldn’t be bad, right?

It. Was. Amazing.

First, the location is stunning. And it’s old. It dates back to about the mid-1100s. You know by now that we like old stuff, right?

The weather was perfect, too, which made for lots of pics.

Gruyere 023
Tourist Map

We had Tammi to lead us around, so we didn’t even pay the map much mind. We figured we’d just stroll a bit, look through some shops, have lunch, and leave.

Gruyere 015
Cute house on the outskirts of the village. How about that view?


Gruyere 009
View from just outside of the village.


Gruyere 021
L-R, Me, Mike, Yves, and Annelies


Gruyere 027
In the Village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 030
In the Village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 036
Me and Hubby, in the Village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 042
You know I wanted to bring one of these home, right?


Gruyere 048
Interesting downspout.


Gruyere 049
The downspout, up close.


Gruyere 056
H. R. Giger Art

I laughed out loud when I saw that statue. My pal, Fuzzy, had been to Switzerland mere weeks before our visit. And she’d visited this very museum. I just had no idea where it was located. What are the odds of us happening into the same small town?

We didn’t have time to visit the museum, as we’d already reserved a table for lunch. But you can see some of Fuzzy’s pics here (follow the link then scroll down in her post).

Gruyere 060
In the village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 062
In the village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 066
Gruyeres Castle


Gruyere 068
Gruyeres Castle


Gruyere 074
View from behind Gruyeres Castle.


Gruyere 075
One of the towers at Gruyeres Castle.


Gruyere 078
View from behind Gruyeres Castle.


Gruyere 089
Annelies walking around Gruyeres Castle.


Gruyere 099
Annelies and Yves resting after our stroll around the castle.

Finally, it was time for lunch.

Charming lunch spot, with outdoor patio.




Annelies and Yves had fondue.


Mike, Tammi and I had Croute au Fromage et le Jambon (toast with cheese and ham).

Sounds simple and looks gross, right? A giant plate of cheese…

Oh. My. God. It was absolutely delicious. Really.

After lunch, Mike and I went into the castle. I’ll tell you about that in a separate post, since I have lots of cool pics to share.

Here are a few miscellaneous images from the village.

Gruyere 237
In the village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 235
In the village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 225
In the village of Gruyeres.


Gruyere 222
In the village of Gruyeres. (Tammi was off at the restroom.)


Gruyere 116
Me, just outside Gruyeres Castle.

Just wait ’til you see the inside of the castle. It was WAY cooler than I anticipated.

We strolled a bit more after lunch then headed back to the house for our final night with Tammi and Martin.

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  1. Lovely pics. We had travelled the area in May 2014 but it was rather cloudy and cold. This is how it obviously looks like when the sun comes out.

    And how could you not have something cheese related on your plate. The area is famous for the Gruyères Cheese… Delish!

    1. Sonja, you really should go back when the weather is nicer. It’s gorgeous, and there are some really, really cool mountain passes in the area, too, which I’ve read about on Fuzzy’s blog.

  2. Well, great…now I’ve added yet another place to my “must visit” list. 🙂 The village shots are so cute!

  3. Brandy, that part of Switzerland is breathtaking. And there are LOTS of very cool mountain passes nearby that motorcyclists dream about. A lot.

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