Welcome Escape

Not only did Hubby and I get out of the house yesterday, we got to ride our motorcycles.

These boots were made for riding.

Imagine a big smile on my face, ‘kay?

The weather has been rather crappy round here. Lots of cold, but little snow.

I know you folks in the Northeast have probably about had it with snow, but we haven’t seen much here.

It could be my fault. I finally decided to buy snow boots for my dogs. And weather-proof coats. So, now that they’re fully equipped, we won’t get snow.

That’s just how my luck works.

Anyway… temps actually got into the 70s (F) yesterday. Can you believe that? So, even though poor Hubby now has the cold I’ve had for a couple of weeks, and he’s hacking and coughing like crazy, we decided to go for a ride.

On a day like this…

Yesterday afternoon, after the ride.


We would have been crazy NOT to go.

But we didn’t go far. We rode for about 30 minutes to this taqueria I’d sampled before, but Hubby hadn’t tried.

Tacos! Clockwise from top, Cecina, Carnitas, and Barbacoa de Cabra.


It was delicious. We’ll be going back to the Taqueria Jasmine in Bealeton again for sure.

It’s gotten cold again. And rainy. I’m still hoping we get some snow soon. You know, so the girls get to use their spiffy new boots outdoors some more.

Here’s a shot of the girls in their new hi-vis, weather-resistant coats.

They’re not crazy about getting wet. And I’m not crazy about drying them off.


As for the boots… some folks think they’re silly. My girls don’t mind being bootless in the snow on grass, but when we’re walking on the sidewalks and streets around town, they get snowballs stuck between their toes. And then they limp, refusing to let the impacted foot touch the ground until I stop and clear the snow from their toes.

With eight feet, that gets old pretty fast. When Meg was still with us, I had twelve paws to deal with. She would’ve NEVER worn boots, though. Heck, I could never have gotten them onto her. She hated having her feet touched.

Wanna see the first tryout?


They actually got used to the boots pretty quickly. They love their nightly walks, so I knew they’d never refuse to go. And they didn’t. But they definitely need more practice.

14 Replies to “Welcome Escape”

    1. Yeah, ShyB, it was crazy. The forecast said it was going to be in the upper 50s, so the 70s was a REALLY nice surprise. I hope you all thaw out soon.

  1. That’s hilarious. It’s like you had to teach them to walk all over again. Klondike refused to wear them – EVER!

    1. Amy, it was pretty funny. I’d seen other dogs and knew what to expect, hence the rolling video. 🙂

      I never would have gotten even one boot on Meg, even thought the icy toe thing plagued her, too. Some dogs are just more compliant, I guess.

  2. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that the goat taco was the best…amirite??

    The video had me cracking up! I’m gonna have to remember that the next time I’m having a bad day. 🙂

  3. Hooray for getting out on two wheels.

    That must be an odd sensation for the dogs not to have their pads touch whatever they are walking on. I can understand not wanting to deal with the snow balls in the paws though.

    1. I’m sute it does feel odd. The high-stepping to try and get out of the boots seems to be a common reaction in the dogs I’ve seen. They actually walked pretty normally once it was walk time. K is a little hesitant, but she’s special.

  4. We tried the booties on dogs and finally gave up. They don’t seem to care much about the ice and take care of it when back in the house. One of the dogs freezes when a coat is put on. Almost like a statue. I tried to convince my wife to leave it on as it was quieter but just got a glare…

    Nice video and pictures.

    1. Thanks, Richard. If it weren’t for the limping, I’d just let them remove their own snow once at home. They never limp like that in the yard, so I really think it’s the hard surfaces.

      When we first adopted K and put a coat on her — a mandatory don’t shoot me vest for hunting season — she refused to move. It was funny. But she finally got used to it. I only put the hi-vis jackets on if it’s raining or snowing at walk time. They can handle cold.

  5. I think the girls look cute in the fancy winter gear! My pooch will let me put her coat on her, but then refuses to move, she’s stubborn. I am going to get insurance this weekend I think, the weather has been rainy here, no snow – Yay!

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