A Milestone

Yesterday marked 22 years of marriage for Hubby and me.

Twenty-two years! Sheesh. Where has the time gone?

April 17, 1993

We don’t usually make big hoo-ha to-dos over stuff like this. Not that it’s not important. It is! We just celebrate quietly.

Last night, we went out to dinner. There’s a cute, little, delicious Italian restaurant here in town — Cafe Torino — that serves up some fine Italian fare.

Of course, I took a picture of my meal, which was absolutely mouth-wateringly good.

Braised Pork Shank
Braised Pork Shank

It was huge, too, which made the girls quite happy (leftovers to share).

As for that Hubby of mine. He didn’t enjoy his meal as much as I did, but at least he’s learning how to act properly when dining with me.

Hubby the food photographer.

It’s been a lovely 22 years. Full of love, laughter, and quite a few interesting adventures.

Here’s hoping there are many more years to come.


11 Replies to “A Milestone”

  1. Hey, CONGRATULATIONS to you and yours, Toadmama!

    The pics are delightful. I love the “Oh shit, I don’t want to get caught photographing my dinner.” look on Mike’s face. Yet it would appear that he planned ahead–the color of his phone matches that of his shirt. Totally spy-like…

    (Mike isn’t a secret agent man, is he?)

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