I Need to Hear from You

Hi, all.

I’ve been tweaking things on the blog recently. The changes in appearance are probably obvious. But I’ve been making some other not-so-obvious changes, too, one of which revolves around trying to combat the unwanted spam comments I’ve been receiving.

Unfortunately, some of these changes may hurt the functionality of this blog.

Ry was kind enough to let me know something was broken. Thanks, buddy!

If you have trouble seeing my posts and/or commenting, let me know. Please. You won’t hurt my feelings. Often, the problem isn’t apparent to me. And I can’t fix what I don’t know is broken, as the saying goes.

I’ve been using the ASKIMET plug-in, which, until recently, worked fabulously. I’ll have to try some other stuff.

So, really, if there’s something here that doesn’t work for you, let me know. Okay?



9 Replies to “I Need to Hear from You”

  1. Seems to be working fine from here. I couldn’t comment yesterday without logging in and I don’t have a WordPress account, but it worked fine today.

    I find I get waves of spam through blogger but 99% of them are caught by the filter. I don’t get notice of the spam, but if I go looking I can delete 20 or so a week usually from the filter. Some weeks there aren’t any, some weeks there are 30 or more.

    1. Good. The re-set must have worked. After removing the comment requirement, I noticed that my ASKIMET spam filter had been deactivated. It either happened when I updated my theme (blog template) or I did it accidentally. Hopefully, that will stop the spam. When caught by the filter, I don’t get e-mail notifications for spam comments. That crazy in-flow of e-mail is what’s been most annoying!

      Thanks for reporting in. 🙂

  2. It looks like it’s working now. The last post wanted authentication but there was no link to register…

    I don’t have a spam problem. Only the really POPULAR blogs have that problem.

  3. I’m pretty sure I *tried* to comment one day from my phone and couldn’t because it wanted me to login with my WordPress credentials…which I couldn’t remember, so I gave up. :/

  4. I was simply getting sad thinking of all of the smart-ass, er, I mean supportive, comments that were going un-posted and, therefore, un-… appreciated?

    Glad that you solved the mystery of the spam. (Hmmm, that sounds like the title of some low-grade Sherlock Holmes fan fiction: The Mystery of the Spam. A bit redundant, I think.)

  5. Ry, smart-asses can be entertaining. Sometimes.

    Thanks for alerting me of the issue. I’ll leave The Mystery of the Spam in your capable hands.

  6. hahahaha, I just commented on the previous post about the fact that posts older than May would not allow me to comment. You must have magically fixed it. Now just tell me how to subscribe and get an email when you post. 🙂

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