Mother’s Day Weekend in Review

This past weekend was one of the nicest Mother’s Days I can remember. Actually seeing the kids would have made it better, but none of them live in the same state. And Eric, the youngest, is a chef-in-training and almost always has to work on major holidays. I did speak with both girls, and made plans with the boy to have lunch yesterday. So all was good in the kid department.

That Hubby of mine did a fine job making the whole weekend special for Aunt Bertha and me. He planned and led a lovely ride on Saturday. He even prepared fabulous dinners on Saturday AND Sunday. I’m a lucky girl.

As for the riding, the weather couldn’t have been better. It was close to being a bit too warm, but as long as we kept moving and rested in the shade, it was great.

Saturday was a bit more cloudy than Sunday, but still awesome.


Mike giving Bert a bit of history on Bunny Mellon and her estate.


If you’re curious about Bunny Mellon, now deceased, read this.

A happy Bert on Rokeby Road.


Time to move on!

I did capture videos and pics at various times during the ride, but it’ll take me a while to do the editing.

Selfie practice.


Smoked pork butt (before being ripped apart for pulled pork).


Yes, he made a giant bowl of cole slaw, too. The man has MANY skills.


The three of us, about to dig into a fabulous meal.


On Sunday, I took the lead.

Rest break.


Aunt Bertha’s Sweet Spyder


Hubby, striking a pose.


IMG_0118 copy
Same pose, better light. I just LOVE him.
Lovely spot for a break.


Wineries have some of the most-beautiful locations.


Waiting patiently for me to finish with my picture-taking.


Aunt Bertha got a bit lost on her way down. There’s an intersection of roads, around Leesburg, that can be a bit tricky. She was quite tired by then, especially since she’d gotten stuck in rush-hour traffic. Since she was just about 25 miles out, I went and rescued her. I led her to our place via some very shady and pleasant back roads.

Yesterday, as she was preparing to leave, I decided to lead her partway home. I wanted her return journey to be more pleasant. I picked a memorable spot for our parting, a place I knew she’d be likely to remember so I can meet her the next time she rides down to visit.

Love that pink, polka-dotted silo!

Thanks to Hubby and Aunt Bertha, it really was a lovely weekend.

I’ll try to post the ride pics and videos soon.

I hope you all had fabulous weekends, too.

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  1. I am so glad you had a lovely MD weekend. Your state is very picturesque! I am loving the polka dot silo, seriously if you are going to have a silo it might as well be dottie! Your Aunt’s Spyder is a very nice looking bike, it was a very handsome trio of riders. We had a lovely weekend with very hot temps which is unusual for this time of year.

    1. The place with the silo is actually a very cool shabby-chic furniture and antique store. It’s where I had to go for paint before my friend, Janet, opened her shop in town.

  2. Awesome. Sometimes it is more pleasurable to ride when it isn’t bright and sunny. Easier to see in the shadows and corners.

    It looks like you three had a lot of fun and Hubby kept everyone well fed. He’s a keeper.

    1. Richard, I was thinking the same thing. Man, I would freak right out if I encountered such large birds, and so many. Then again, who would likely live to tell of such an encounter?…

        1. Yeah: β€œβ€¦and all that remained of him were the unsavory bits that the ravenous Silo Vultures refused to touch.”

          THE END πŸ˜€

  3. What a very fun weekend.
    And to share it with Aunt Bertha.
    Yummy yummy great job Mike.
    Beautiful photos.
    Ya know how much I loveee the polka spots.
    Love ya Mama!

  4. Ok, we need to revisit your area when you are available as tour guide! Lovely photos, and what fun!

    And now I am starving. You are indeed a lucky girl to have such a fine man who rides AND cooks!

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