Something for Everyone

Anyone else being inundated with SPAM comments lately? They end up in a queue to be moderated, which is good, but I get like 20 a day. Jeez Louise. Actually, while this post was still in draft, I got about 50 spam comments, each of which generated an e-mail to me. Weird. The spam filter used to work better. Sigh…

Anyway, as promised in my girlfriend getaway post, here’s the stuff I saw for sale during my recent trip to Lancaster that made me chuckle.



One of many creative kitchen gadgets.
Everyone needs a colorful, inflatable cartoon character for their home.
This doesn’t apply to me, it just made me smile.
Lovely fashion accessories.
You can’t really see the merchant in the panda or cat hat, but I did.
I guess Amish kids need baby dolls, too.
Headless, child-sized mannequins.

Antique shops are always good for oddities.

A whole crib full of creepiness.

I think my brother had a bear like that big guy on the right. Knowing him, he may STILL have it.

Instant Ancestors!
Ugliest Mickey Mouse mask ever.
Are these really vintage?
Parasol anyone?
Creepy clown and scary baby.
No clue what she’s supposed to represent.
Frog lamp and creepy yo-yo (those little fabric circles) clown.

Jake’s Country Trading Post, my favorite shop in Lancaster County, has always carried an eclectic collection of new merchandise. Very eclectic.

Jake’s Southwestern decor collection.
Three-foot tall cement gargoyle monkey.

Jake’s does sell lots of other cool stuff. Like Lazy Ones brand PJs (house pants), which I LOVE. And a huge collection of garden flags. Not to mention wrought iron towel racks, candleholders, etc., garden statues and planters, quilted purses and wallets, moccasins, wall art, artificial flowers, Christmas ornaments, etc.

On to other stuff…

Six-foot-long concrete alligators.
A three-foot-tall garden gnome. (I actually think he’s cute.)
Why are so many hot sauce manufacturers obsessed with admitting they’ll burn your ass?
So you can strap on a bottle of wine.
Disturbing dog statue.

That’s it. Quite the mixed bag, eh?

These images only scratch the surface of oddities we encountered. At least it made shopping a bit more entertaining.


2 Replies to “Something for Everyone”

  1. Hey, I have a veggie spiraled like the veggie pro. Works pretty good to make zucchini noodles for raw pad thai.

    Quite the eclectic mix of goodies you found for sale.

  2. Yay, finally a post I can comment on!!! LOL, today is catch up day on reading my fav blogs. I have read all of April and just started on May. Do you close comments after a while on each post, or does your WP site do that automatically? I am pretty sure mine does not do that. Just curious.

    So many things to comment on that I won’t remember: I will keep reading, but did you pick your trip destination yet? Come to North GA, not to add to your possibilities…You DO have awesome roads in your area. We do here too. Happy Anniversary! LOVE the LOVE in corks at the winery. Also love girlfriend trips, although I share the good fortune to have my husband be my BEST friend. 😉 I too HATE crowds. And bad restaurant service.

    Lastly, HOW do I sign up to get an email when you post? Cheers, Lynne

    PS: I am gonna keep reading to see if you have picked your trip, lol

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