Trying Out Some New Equipment

I really wanted to go for a ride today. Until I walked outside this morning and immediately felt as if I’d be wrapped in a warm, wet, heavy blanket.

Ugh. Just the type of weather I hate.

But I bought some new equipment yesterday that needed testing. So, after spending most of the day indoors, in the air conditioning, I decided I NEEDED to get out.

Cows on Bear Wallow Road

I was happy to see these guys. Last time I rode past, they weren’t there.

Anyway, I headed north to the neighboring town of Marshall where I’d seen a particular business that I wanted to explore.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand
Bears Soft Serve Ice Cream

I’m not sure why there’s a large purple octopus painted on the Bears Soft Serve Ice Cream building, but I like it. It’s colorful.

Hot Fudge Sundae

The ice cream is what I REALLY needed.

As for the new equipment… sadly, the ride was too short to really determine if the purchase was a good one. Thunderstorms were bearing down. Maybe tomorrow I can put them through a longer trial.

New snazzy, wicking socks.
New snazzy, wicking socks.

I hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July holiday (in the US) or at least a great Saturday (for those outside the US).


15 Replies to “Trying Out Some New Equipment”

    1. They’re black bears. I know it’s hard to tell, the bears being neon green and all. The socks are supposed to wick moisture away from the skin. I need a long, hot day in the saddle to really see if they work.

  1. Nice socks! I need some wicking socks, my cotton ones are too heavy so I’ve bern forced to go barefoot, but now we enter into funky boot town because of that, yuck! The ice cream looks yummy!

    1. I thought about going sockless, but didn’t for that very reason! I just happened to see those at the visitors’ center gift shop and couldn’t resist. The ice cream was quite good. 🙂

  2. LOVE the octopus! They’re incredibly fascinating creatures and always make a striking visual. Think of all the ice cream cones they could hold with those arms.

    and I just love the socks 🙂

    1. That would be a LOT of ice cream! I’d just like to know why an ince cream shack named “Bears'” is decorated with an octopus. 🙂

      Glad you like my new equipment. I sure hope it works. Pruny toes at the end of a hot day thanks to sweaty feet is just gross. You’re welcome for that lovely image.

  3. I love those socks! Wicking is where it’s at. We wear Sidi socks and they work in both warm and cold weather, although I have no idea how that is possible. That sundae looked scrumptious so now I am starving.

    I don’t know where the store was, but that octopus looks very much like the work of a good friend of mine named Grant Searcey. Google him if you like beautiful, colorful, fantasy art!

    1. I’ll have to look him up. The ice cream shop is in Marshall, Virginia. It’s in a non-permanent trailer-type thing. Maybe it IS one of your friend’s painting that was moved to Virginia? That would be funny.

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