Just Because

I have some pictures that I’ve been wanting to share for a while. I’m better about sharing pics captured with my phone, usually, since they’re easy to upload onto Instagram and/or Facebook. Not as good about getting the images I’ve captured with the camera posted.

So here’s a rather random collection of images I should have posted sooner, but didn’t. Some are goofy, some aren’t.

First is this cool miner dude we spotted on our recent visit to Shenandoah Caverns.

Shenandoah Caverns' Miner
Shenandoah Caverns’ Miner

Shenandoah Caverns has lots of fun stuff to see. In my opinion. You might agree if you appreciate kitschy stuff as much as me.

Helpful Elf
Helpful Pixie, Elf, or Gnome? I have no clue.

I’m not always on the lookout for weird stuff, believe it or not, it just catches my eye.

New-ish BBQ joint near Sperryville.

I was all excited about seeing this kitschy-ish BBQ place. Then I learned it’s a chain. A small chain, but a chain nonetheless. That sort of diminishes the fun for me. It’s no longer a spontaneous “Hey, let’s park the General Lee” kind of thing, but a “we gotta find another General Lee for the Sperryville location.”

Maybe it’s just me, but standalone or at least unique, Mom and Pop-type businesses with kitschy decor are just cooler. More creative somehow.

Evening Sky Over Old Town Warrenton (OTW)

I always have my phone along while walking the dogs, you know, just in case I have a heart attack or something, and can’t help snapping pictures when a scene catches my eye, or I see a specific thing that makes me smile.

Old Town Warrenton

And here’s me having a bit of fun with my Love.

Galax, VA LOVEwork (it’s pronounced like GAY lax)

I really like this next shot, which I captured during an afternoon walk with the girls. On a whim, I used the front-facing camera on my phone and held it upside-down below the flowers to get the sky in the background.

Reach for the Sky!

There’s just something fun about M&Ms…

She’s Got Your Back

Speaking of having your back, here’s something you don’t see every day…

Carol, Tracey, and Me
Carol, Tracey, and Me

Look at us all purtied-up.

Tracey’s youngest got married on August 1. Since none of us like getting all fancy, we HAD to have a picture taken.

And since you usually see Hubby and me looking sorta rough like this…

Me and Hubby
Me and Hubby

…I couldn’t resist sharing what I think is a super-cute pic.

Hubby and Me

There you have it.

Perhaps the next post will be more interesting for you. 🙂


15 Replies to “Just Because”

  1. I love your assessment of the chain restaurant decorating philosophy. Sadly, it’s probably pretty accurate: You know, gotta maintain continuity and brand recognition.

    A while back I started following the blog at roadsidearchitecture.com (mainly photos of cool neon signs and funky buildings). Recently, Debra (the blog’s author) photographed a Seattle Burger King restaurant building that sorta looks like a castle. Her remark: “This unique Burger King building will only be around another month. I got the bad news from the manager who said that BK has never been happy with this building’s non-conformance. It will be just another boring box soon.”

    “Non-conformance”! Corporate lingo for “We are whitebread!”; “We are the great homogenizors!”; “We are killjoys!”

    What ever happened to that whole “variety is the spice of life” thing?… I’m sorry–I’m going a bit cynical here.

    1. “You will be assimilated.” 😕

      That coal miner is a cool dude 😀 Love seeing the pics of you & Mike looking so happy.

      1. Say NO to ASSIMILATION! Imagine a protest like that.

        The coal miner would be even cooler if he were outside and about 15 feet taller.

        We do get good pics of us every now and then.

    2. I’ll have to check that out, Ry.

      No one, at least not me, wants to be whitebread! It’s hard not to become cynical these days.

      Don’t get me wrong, though. There are some chains pushing the envelope of normalcy that I really enjoy, like Pal’s Sudden Service, a fast food chain in TN and VA.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Chains are good sometimes, like when you’re craving a particular food or beverage served by an establishment. Generally, though, smaller establishments definitely appeal to me more.

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