MidPen and NoNeck LOVE


Back in mid-February, when I came up with what seemed like a good idea for my own little LOVE scavenger hunt — seeing all of the LOVEworks in Virginia — it seemed like an achievable goal. There were only 42 sculptures AND I’d already seen three.

That was seven months ago. And you know what? Virginia is a big-ass state!!!

It feels like I’ve seen quite a few since then. As of Friday night, I’d seen 22. I’d actually visited 24 sites, but two of the works were missing. I figured that was decent. I’d seen more than half.

Except I hadn’t. (Two were missing when I got there… Gate City and Abingdon.)

A quick check of the LOVEworks web site revealed that there are now 45 sculptures/displays around the state. (One has been removed from the list [Gate City], three new ones have been added, and the one in Abingdon has been replaced.)

The end of the year is getting closer every day. So, when Hubby told me he had chores again, I decided to do a LOVE ride.

About a month ago, I’d plotted a route south and east to the tips of Virginia’s Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. I’m not sure if anyone actually refers to the Middle Peninsula as “MidPen” and/or the Northern Neck as “NoNeck.” But I figured since Northern Virginia is typically referred to as NoVA, the same logic should apply. Plus, it’s just fun to say I went out to find some NoNeck LOVE.

If you’re a map person like me and want to understand why those regions are named as they are, CLICK HERE.

It’s a good thing I decided to check LOVEworks site on Friday. I would have gone right past one of the new displays!

Speaking of checking things… I should’ve checked the weather. Then this wouldn’t have surprised me nearly as much just 15-20 minutes or so from my house!

Very Thick Fog
Very Thick Fog

The fog was so thick, there was moisture running down my faceshield! Um, what?

I shouldn’t have been surprised. The ground and surface waters are still warm, but our nights have been getting cooler and cooler. So this happens.

The good news is, it burns off. The bad news, it’s usually worse near the water. And I was heading onto two peninsulas!

Have no fear, I forged on. I did have a serious mission, after all.

And 20 minutes later, it looked like this.

LOVEwork at Fredericksburg I-95 Welcome Center
LOVEwork #1 at Fredericksburg I-95 Welcome Center

I did check the weather while stopped at the Welcome Center. I’d planned on doing the loop part in a clockwise direction, with Colonial Beach as my next stop. But since Colonial Beach is on the water, as most beaches are, I wisely decided to travel counter-clockwise instead.

The Route Plan
The Route Plan

I still encountered some fog in and around Tappahannock, which is also on the water, but it was spotty, and I managed to avoid it for the rest of the day.

Better yet all five of the other LOVEworks I visited were still in place, just as I’d hoped they would be. As was the bonus location, which was supposed to have been last, but actually got visited first.

Here are the LOVEworks, in order of capture.

LOVEwork #2 in Saluda


LOVEwork #3 in Deltaville


LOVEwork #4 in Reedville


LOVEwork #5 in Heathville


LOVEwork #6 in Colonial Beach

The one in Colonial Beach is my new favorite.

That little trip was 304 miles, and took me about nine hours (I stopped for pics a lot).

Look at that route in relation to the rest of the state.

Big-ass Virginia
Big-ass Virginia vs Small Portion Covered During Nine-hour Ride

I have now visited about two-thirds of the 45 LOVEworks locations. Only 15 more to go. But they’re scattered. I have my work cut out for me.

If you want to see the actual Spotwalla route, CLICK HERE.

Oh, and I almost forgot the bonus location…

Urbanna Muffler Man
Urbanna Muffler Man

It was a fun ride. More show and tell in my next post.

9 Replies to “MidPen and NoNeck LOVE”

  1. Radiation fog sounds like something that I would call in sick to work with.

    What a great buncha loves! I agree your favorite beachy love is wonderful but I’ve got to give a shoutout to the fabulosity of the corny love. Sure it’s not exactly refined but.. GIANT EAR OF CORN! <3 Love it.

    I saw on Facebook that someone said the Urbanna muff was "scary." I never get that from them. They always seem like easy going dudes to me. 🙂

    Lookin' forward to your next installment of "As the wheel turns… in search of LOVE"

    1. Fuzzy, “As the Wheel Turns” would be a great blog title. 🙂

      The giant ear of corn is cool, I admit. It’s at the Northern Neck Farm Museum, so it’s also appropriate.

      I think the comment about him being creepy was because he was looming over me, but I could be wrong. I don’t think Muffler Men are creepy either, but I do like the original retro muffs better than the MC ones. Not to knock his work, it’s just a personal preference.

      The next installment should be interesting. I need to cover the Eastern Shore and the mountains. Probably not all in one trip. But you never know. 🙂

  2. Ha-haa! MidPen, NoVa, and NoNeck LOVE… That’s some crack-up stuff there, Toadmama. Before you know it, you’ll be speaking such a different language that not even your fellow VaPied-ians will be able to understand you.

    So, what prize will you be awarding to the finisher of your LOVEworks scavenger-hunt-rally-endurance-ride thingamajig?

    1. Ry, I think fellow VaPiedians (great word!) already struggle to understand me. LOL.

      “NoVA” was probably coined by the gazillion or so government employees in these parts who have an acronym for EVERYTHING, or so it seems.

      Prize? Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that. Although I’ve really been enjoying the sorta-forced exploration. That just might be enough of a reward.

  3. I like the beach one best too.

    I hate it when the fog is so thick it runs down the face shield. At least with rain you can turn your head to get the moisture to run off but with mist you can’t usually do that. Glad you found some sunshine after the fog.

    1. Brandy, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced fog like that. I kept thinking it’s what the marine layer in CA must feel like. Except I think that happens when the water is cooler than the air. Do they call it the marine layer in Oregon, too?

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