Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

IMG_4689I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the national wildlife refuge (NWR), but I didn’t get many pics worth sharing. It wasn’t for lack of trying. The light just wasn’t right.

The Chincoteague NWR is actually on Assateague Island, a National Seashore. About two-thirds of Assateague Island — the northern end — is actually in Maryland. I’ve been to the northern end many times, and have seen the ponies there, so I wasn’t too terribly disappointed that I only saw a few ponies during this visit. The few I did see were too far away for a picture, so you’ll just have to trust me.

Trail to the Lighthouse


Informational Plaque

It was a lovely, easy walk to the lighthouse. There’s sound in the video, believe it or not.


A Bit of History


Assateague Lighthouse


Egrets on the Marsh


Lighthouse in the Distance

I was hoping to see some Snow Geese, but it was too early in the year. I’m really going to try to get over to the Eastern Shore in December or January to see the Snow Geese.

Cool Sky


Pony Pen

It’s a shame I didn’t get more “keeper” pics, but I enjoyed my morning at the refuge. It was cold, but peaceful. Few people were around, so the only sounds I heard were waves crashing on the shore, the wind blowing through the trees/reeds, seagulls and other birds squawking, and the crunch of leaves under my feet.

After the museum, which I told you about in my last post, I had one final stop before heading off of the island and, eventually, toward home.

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  1. I think my favorite pic was the trail to the lighthouse. There is some anticipation when you see a bend in the road wondering where it’s headed….

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