More “Big 60 Ride” Pics

I’m woefully behind on blog posts. Hubby’s birthday ride feels like it was ages ago. Jeez.

I’ll spare you the lame excuses. And, because there’s a backlog, I won’t bog this post down with commentary. Basically, we woke up on Saturday, packed up, ate, and rode. It was a glorious day.

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I could have. It was a beautiful area. Truly.

I just HAD to stop for this one.


Looking out over the Grayson Highlands.




Barn Quilt and Tree Farm


More Barn Quilts


Grayson Highlands in Virginia


We were very close to the VA/NC border. I have no idea which state this was in.


A Closer Look at the Barn Quilt


Pretty Barn Quilt


Along a North Carolina Road


Barn Quilt on a Hardware Store in West Jefferson, NC


Giant Cows in West Jefferson, NC

I don’t make Hubby stop much, but I knew we HAD to stop in West Jefferson to see the giant cows at the only cheese factory in NC. I’m glad, too. The town is adorable. It’s on my list of places I absolutely must re-visit.

Perfect end to a fabulous day.

I actually chose our lodging for the night because it was within easy walking distance of this BBQ place, which had great Yelp! reviews. We weren’t disappointed. The food was delicious.



Mount Airy, NC (Any Griffith’s birthplace and inspiration for the fictional Mayberry)








Nice spot for a stretch break.

We were going to visit the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, but we were hungry, I was a bit chilled, and daylight was waning. It’s another place we must re-visit.

I did pop into the visitor’s center to see if their bathrooms worked and was quite tickled to see this mini-LOVEwork with a cool pig in the foreground.

Mini LOVEwork at Bedford’s D-Day Memorial … suh-WEET! 

Next up… the other place we HAD to stop. Hubby wasn’t thrilled, but it was early in the day and we’d just eaten breakfast, so he humored me.

Here’s a sneak-peek.

Doesn't he look happy?
Doesn’t he look happy?

That’s love.

13 Replies to “More “Big 60 Ride” Pics”

  1. I like the Giant Cows pic.

    On the first pic, looks like the sun was shining from the left…did you check to see if it was backlighting those tree leaves as you went past?

  2. Beautiful pictures as always.

    I chuckled when you said you were behind in blog posts, and here I am without a damn thing to write about. We did go to the International motorcycle show in Portland last weekend. So disappointing we took only 1 photo. Sigh.

    1. Thanks, Richard. I’m not sure I’d know what to do if I woke up a couple hundred miles from home with snow on the ground. Probably wait until it melted. LOL.

      Not all of the barns I photographed had barn quilts on them. I’ve always loved barns, but I REALLY like barns with barn quilts on them.

  3. That top photo is a nice capture, ToadMama, with those trees all fall multi-colored. And the fourth one down… That scene could have been the subject of a Grandma Moses. All it would need is crowds of folks out doing old-timey rural stuff: horseback riding, chopping wood, chasing turkeys, and such.

    1. Ry, that was our first time in that area. There were lots of old houses and barns that made me feeling like I had been transported back in time. It’s a beautiful area I hope to revisit again soon. Like in Winter, when there’s some snow on the ground and all of the trees are bare, which means I’ll be able to see even more.

  4. Beautiful photos, especially my favs, the barn quilts!!

    We went thru West Jefferson on our 2014 fall ride, but missed all the cool stuff because it was a monsoon, so bad that we had boot-high water (and mud, in some run off areas), even with the clearance of a 1200 GS, ugh. Glad to see what you found so I can make a mental note to go back.

    And are you sure that isn’t MY husband ‘waiting patiently’ for you to take just One More pic??? 😉

    1. Yikes, Lynne, that sounds awful! You should definitely go up that way again. It’s lovely.

      Your Hubby hates the whole picture thing, too? 🙂

      1. Yes will definitely go back sans rain.

        And the Hubs is getting better, but I feel like I am always saying “here he is waiting patiently again”! 😉

  5. I was wondering who the scooter rider was posing for you in your first photo, until I zoomed in and realized it was Mike waiting for you. Without that big fairing I didn’t recognize his bike from the back, I’d mistaken his license plate for a headlight. (Sorry Mike).

    I like the barn quilts and would ride/stop with you anytime. I haven’t been blogging because friends I ride with never seem to stop for photos.

    1. Brandy, that’s funny.

      It’s hard blogging without pics, right? I mean, it can be done, but posts are just more interesting with pics to help tell the story. I’d love to have you accompany me on a barn quilt tour.

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