Snowpocalypsemageddon, Part 1

All is well here at the ToadMama abode. I was actually away at a work meeting Tuesday night through Friday morning. With the blizzard being forecast for our region, I made sure I left the hotel good and early on Friday.

When I got home, I saw that Hubby had prepared for the storm.

Hubby’s Snow Stick

It’s always hard to measure snow depth during aย storm. By that I mean actually having to go out into the storm to measure.

I took the girls for a walk around noon, which was when the snow started.

Our driveway, shortly after the snow began.

I wanted to make sure and take the girls for a walk before the snow got too deep. They weren’t at all pleased to see the boots come out.

“We can’t walk in these stupid booties!”

If they don’t wear boots, they get rock salt and/or ice balls stuck between their pads. It makes them limp.

ToadMama the Bitches
ToadMama and the Bitches

There was about 8 inches of snow on the ground when we went for our walk.

Snowin' and Blowin'
Snowin’ and Blowin’

They seemed to enjoy their walk despite the boots.

Happy Pups

It was a crazy storm. We never lost power, fortunately. I took a bunch of pics yesterday and today, which I’ll share later.

We spent the day digging out, and I think I need a nap.

Rest break during Friday’s walk.

I think we ended up with between 25-30 inches of snow. It was very windy, though, so I’m not sure of the actual total.

I hope you all had a warm, safe, and happy weekend.

More on the storm and digging out, later.

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  1. I’ve been wondering how you east coast(-ish) moto-folk fared the wrath of Winter Stormageddopocalypse Jonas, and I’m glad that all is well with you and yours, ToadMama. I’ve sorta been expecting to see an “Eff you, Old Man Winter!” post from Fuzzy, assuming (and hoping) that she and her island hasn’t been washed out to sea.

    “ToadMama and the Bitches”… I love it! What a great name for your next all girl punk band.

    I look forward to the Part 2 account of y’all’s storm. Stay safe.

    1. Ry, my “next” all-girl punk band? LOL.

      I’ll try to get a Part 2 post done tonight. Work is busy, unfortunately, so I actually have to focus on that all day. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Okay I loved “Toadmama and the bitches” caption made me laugh. I agree with Ry goid band name or biker gang name ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay warm my friend!

    1. Dar, after I typed the caption, I had that same thought. LOL.

      I’m staying plenty warm, but this snow isn’t melting away any time soon.

  3. I have a vivid memory of visiting my cousins in Washington DC way back ehen I was 11 or 12. We woke on a Monday morning the our cousins’ shrieks of joy that there was no school “SNOW DAY!!!!”

    My sisters and I were so excited. We rushed dowstairs. We were going to show them what awesome forts and snowmen we Canuck kids could build.

    Our enthusiasm was extinguished when we saw the grass poking through less than an inch of snow. Snow in Arlington was rare as can be.

    I am impressed the The Bitches have hi-viz snow suits and galoshes. Is snow that much more prevalent in Virginia than it was way back in the sixties, or are you just prepared for any and all emergencies? If so, what other cool preparedness gear do you stock?

    Oh, we thought of getting boots for our Golden Retriever (rest her soul), mainly because walks were routinely interrupted while she gnawed at the snow clogging her paws.

    1. David, folks do tend to overreact a bit about snow in these parts, and don’t handle the storm or aftermath well.

      The high-viz coats and booties are just because the girls REALLY enjoy their nightly walks, so I try to be prepared for rain and snow. The booties are specifically because of the snow, ice, and rock salt getting stuck in their toes/pads, making them limp. They hate the boots, but they’re really required for our walks in town (on the sidewalks and street). They do just fine in our yard without the boots. The coats worn in the yard minimize the amount of snow they carry in and then shake off in the house. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We don’t get that much snow, but sometimes we get a whole bunch at once, which is always exciting, but presents challenges. LOL.

  4. We have been watching the snow on the eastern seaboard with some interest. We had that kind of snowfall at the end of September (40″ in a couple of days) and very little snowfall since then. I suspect it’ll be melted quickly or at least by March. We are visiting my wife’s dad over Spring break. Going to PA for Spring break just sounds wrong…

    1. Where in PA for Spring Break? It may sound a bit wrong, but that’s pretty far south for you guys. I’ll actually be in Lancaster, PA, the last weekend in February.

      1. Just north of Lancaster in Elizabethtown. We actually fly into Baltimore instead of Harrisburg this time since we can bypass Chicago. A good thing just about anytime of year!

        1. Wow, I can’t have asked you that before, because I definitely would have remembered your answer. At least I think I would have!

          My Dad grew up in E-town! What are the odds your wife’s Dad is from the same place? You’ll have to ask him if he knew any Reichard family.

          Bypassing Chicago is def a plus!

  5. I’ve enjoyed following your snow journey on FB. You got a ton! We were fortunate enough to have ours melt so we could go riding yesterday! Yay!

    And now, rain for two days…

    1. Lynne, I’m glad you enjoyed the updates. Nice that you got to ride. I’ll get to do that again one day. I think it was October when I rode last. Three months! Jeez…

  6. Brandy, they’re such drama queens. I put their booties on in the house and they just lay there, as if paralyzed. Looking all pathetic. Once I grab the leashes, they get up and walk without issue. Goofballs. They keep us laughing on a daily basis.

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