BBBC # 15 – Dinner

I had very good intentions yesterday morning. Computer in lap, I was poised to write my prompted post of the day, only to discover that I was supposed to describe my dinner.

WTF? I hadn’t even thought of breakfast yet. Who came up with these stupid prompts anyway?

And then, when dinnertime did roll around, I almost forgot about the who picture thing, which is why you only get to see this half-eaten bowl of soup.

Zuppa Tuscany
Zuppa Tuscany

Or is it half uneaten? You decide.

My busy streak at work continues. Yesterday was another long one. It wasn’t necessarily bad. It’s just that I had to use my brain, like, all day long.

So, even though the weather was crappy, I decided to takeย the dogs for their customary evening walk. I knew they needed the break. To be honest, I did, too.

We’d gotten several inches of snow earlier in the day. By late afternoon, the falling precipitation had turned to freezing rain. So things were a bit slick.


By some miracle, I managed to stay upright. It was actually sort of fun.

I got to leave my mark all over town, too.


I wonder if anyone will notice.


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12 Replies to “BBBC # 15 – Dinner”

  1. People will notice it and get a smile from it. Random acts of kindness rule! As for your half eaten/half uneaten soup, it reminds me of a sign someone at work has. “Some people see a glass half full, some people see a glass half empty. An engineer sees a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.” Hahah.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Mark, I’m all for random acts of kindness. Smileys are such an easy thing to do. Hopefully someone saw some of them.

      My husband is an engineer. I’m sure he could come up with all sorts of qualifiers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It was! LOL. Freezing rain really does pretty much freeze on contact with cold sidewalks. It was easier walking where folks hadn’t shoveled the snow away. Most of it has melted, but there are still some icy spots. It all re-freezes at night, which is when I walk the dogs, of course.

  2. When our sidewalks are like that I like to wear these things with carbide studs over my shoes. The work pretty well and I’ve used them occasionally when riding as well. When the road is that icy the studded motorcycle tires work fine but you can barely keep standing when you get off in a parking lot. Or, in the case of the BMW, when you need to back up.

    Homemade soup?

    1. Richard, I love the idea of spiked shoes, but can’t imagine riding in conditions like that. Well, I can imagine it, but that’s about all.

      Yep, homemade soup. I made French Onion on Saturday. Mike made Zuppa Tuscany on Sunday. He found the recipe online recently. It’s delicious. There’s hot Italian sausage in it, bacon, onions (I think), potatoes, kale, and some other stuff. When it’s just about done, it gets a cup of heavy cream. YUMMY stuff. Great depth of flavor.

  3. So sorry I missed this challenge … but I tend to go off the grid during Jan and Feb … work sometimes gets in the way. But dinner looked delicious.

    1. Thanks, Karen. Maybe we can do another one in a month where we can all actually get out and ride. Some of us are diehard snow travelers, but not me. I’ve been busy at work, too, and have barely left the house. If I didn’t have dogs, I might never get outside! Welcome back onto the grid. March is getting closer every day!

  4. It’s good mental health to get outside after a day like that…and I am sure the smiley face made many others smile. It did me, when I saw it on FB.

    That soup looks amazing…so much that I may just google it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lynne, I’ll have to find the recipe he chose and share it for you. There are lots of variations out there. I think the spicy sausage is what makes the one he chose so darn good.

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