BBBC 2016 #1 – About You

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So, it’s for the first post for BBBC and I’m at a loss. LOL. Where do I start?

Me and Roger
Me and Roger

That’s me with the Jolly Roger Muffler Man in Ocean City, Maryland. I have always hated the way I look in pictures, so you’ll often see selfies like these, where only parts of me are visible. I do post “normal” pics of myself every now and then.

I’m in my late-40s, but I won’t be able to say that for much longer.

I’m married to a wonderful man, Mike, who I usually just refer here to as “Hubby.” I have three adult children, and one of them has three children, which means I have three grandchildren, too. We don’t see them much, though, since the eldest lives in San Diego, the middle child lives in Washington State with her husband and kids, and the youngest lives in Maryland with his wife. I live in Warrenton, Virginia, about 45 miles west, and slightly south, of Washington, DC.

Me and Hubby with the Grandkids, July 2015


Here’s a picture of Mike and Me from August 2015. We were at a wedding. We don’t usually get all gussied-up like that.

In fact, we both ride motorcycles, so you’ll usually see images of us wearing our helmets and gear. Or, more likely, wearing gear and sporting serious helmet head, like in the image I posted below.

Hubby rides a 2013 Victory Vision. I ride a 2010 BMW F650GS. Every now and then — think rare occurrence, here — I’ll ride on the back of his bike. The last time I did that was October 2014, I think.

He likes riding long distances. I prefer shorter jaunts. He did the USA Four Corners Tour last year. That’s a LONG ride. It was 10,116 miles to be exact, spread across 15 days of riding. This year, he plans on riding to Utah so he can hit all the states he missed “in the middle” when he rode around the country.

Here’s a fact I haven’t shared before… earlier this year — April, maybe — I noted that I had about 9,500 miles on my odometer. Now, I have over 17,000. That means I rode an average of about 2,400 miles/year for the first four years I owned my bike, and I rode about 8,000 miles this year. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

I’m not trying to set any records or anything, and I’m sure lots of other people rode more, but it’s certainly a good indication that I spent much more time enjoying my bike this year than I have in years past. Yay for me!

The yard is a bit of a disaster, and there are quite a few unfinished projects around the house, but I don’t care. It was worth it. This year, I hope to log even more miles.

Me and Mike

My solo trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway helped boost that mileage total. Hubby and I did a couple long weekends together, too, both of which involved The Snake. That’s a good road.

I should also mention that I have two dogs, too. They appear on the blog occasionally, and they show up in my Instagram feed and on Facebook quite frequently.

I work full time, but am a remote employee, so I do my work at home. That just means I don’t have to commute. I still work full days. For the record, one can work just as hard in their pajamas as they do in professional attire.

Other things I do in my spare time include photography, reading, and sewing (quilt-type stuff mostly, not clothing). I volunteer with a couple of dog rescue groups, mostly transporting dogs, but I have fostered several over the years. I like to paint old furniture, too, but haven’t done any of those projects for a while. I also like travel in general and am looking forward to a trip to Washington State in April and Europe (no details yet!) in September. Weekends rambles in the car are fun, too.

I guess that’s about it. It’s certainly enough about me for now.

I am really looking forward to seeing what all of the other BBBC participants reveal about themselves today. Thanks for visiting.

Tomorrow’s Prompt: 2. An everyday item in your house.

12 Replies to “BBBC 2016 #1 – About You”

  1. “Remote employee”, I like the term and the concept. Does you charge your company exorbitant rent for the space in your home?

    This challenge is going to be a real challenge for me. I’ve been trying to figure out things for the upcoming required posts.

    1. No, but that’s an interesting thought. But then, I’d probably pay them to let me work here. I have no commuting expenses, I don’t need a work wardrobe, I eat just about every lunch at home, when I have time, I make my own coffee. It’s a sweet deal. I do sometimes miss seeing people, though.

      You can be creative with your prompt matter. Interpret it any way you like, using words, pics, or a combination. You can be short, too. But I usually end up going long on stuff. I’m wordy, shall we say?

  2. OMG that picture made me instantly think that you had taken a trip to ISIS/ISIL/Syria/Iraq and were kneeling before the… Oh never mind, they do the whole Ninja thing, not the Pirate thing… Phew!

  3. For the record, one can work just as hard in their pajamas as they do in professional attire.

    I worked from home for 5 years when Chloe was little. Work and home life get blurry. I swear I worked more hours per day than i do in the office now.

    I love your silly-selfies! 🙂

    1. Yes, working form home does have its challenges. The whole disconnecting from work during the homeward commute never happens. It takes like 30 seconds for me to get from my office to the kitchen, living room, etc. One minute, I’m dealing with the stress that comes from trying to solve issues around proposing services and preparing budgets for complex clinical studies and the next minute, boom, I’m dealing with preparing dinner, feeding the dogs, cleaning up poop, etc. I definitely work more hours, but that doesn’t always mean long days. It’s just that there’s no one here to distract me, I rarely leave for lunch, I never get stuck in traffic, etc. I do sometimes crash on the steps, but the clean-up and recovery is usually pretty quick. 🙂

      I’m glad some folks enjoy my silly selfies. I think they’re fun. But I know some people think they’re stupid. Can’t please everyone, right?

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