I Am Alive

pile_of_rockHi, folks.

Yes, it sort of feels like I have been hiding under a big pile of rocks.

I failed the challenge miserably at the end. I was away with girlfriends Feb 25-28, and the hotel in which we were staying had weak-ass Wifi. I had every intention of posting daily from my room, but didn’t want to abandon my girlfriends in search of a stronger Wifi signal.

Sunday, after four straight days of being up, on the go, shopping, chatting, and interacting with people, plus the 3-hour drive home, I was exhausted. Then midday on Monday, a cold hit me. Horrendous sore throat and awful stuffy head. It was all I could do to drag myself out of bed and work very busy days all week long. My poor nose is red, peeling, and sore! I look wonderful.

I am feeling much better today, but still not great. I hope to catch up on reading and posting soon. I hope you are all well.


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  1. “Feb 28-28” is either a very short trip or a very long one. I was going to make a comment about priorities but felt that it was better to keep my mouth shut (fingers shut?). 😉

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. LOL, thanks Richard. I hadn’t noticed that typo. A crack about priorities would have been appropriate as I think you really get the proper order of things. I am feeling much better, thanks. Just stuffy. Still. I’m thinking of investing in the company that makes Kleenex, though.

    1. Thanks, Sonja. I feel MUCH better, but still have a stuffy head. Stupid germs.

      I’m glad you understand not wanting to take away from friend time. We never know how much time we have left, after all.

  2. Kathy the problem with living well, is that if it takes one hour to experience something, it takes three hours to blog about. So getting out and about, with friends and little usable WiFi means abandoning all hope of publishing anything. Glad you had fun, but don’t think for a moment you’re off the hook for the remaining BBBC posts.

  3. Oh yes, what David said! Having fun takes so much less time than blogging about it!

    Glad you had fun with friends is real life and are getting over your cold!

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