Playing Catch-up. Again.

It’s been a month since my last post on this blog. Sorry. I haven’t been completely absent from the blog realm. I was playing host to my pal ScooterBob, who I introduced you to here. If you’d like to see our escapades, check out these posts on Bob’s blog:

So that’s why you haven’t seen much of me here.

ScooterBob left Virginia last week and is now in New Hampshire. You should be seeing more of me here. I have lots of pics from our latest trip to the Pacific NW and many images from my travels with ScooterBob that I saved for you all.

Here are just a few teaser pics of things to come.

I visited Victoria, British Columbia, Canada while out west. There’s an absolutely gorgeous city park — Beacon Hill Park — where I captured lots of pretty flower pics.

Pretty Flowers at Beacon Hill Park
Pretty Flowers at Beacon Hill Park


More pretty flowers at the park.
More pretty flowers at the park.


I have quite a few other pics to share, too. Many are in the category of “weird images I capture just because.”

Weird or cool?
Weird or cool?

I’m a sucker for fun reflections. I can’t help it.

There are quite a few Virginia pics, too, like this one.

Finally captured a pic of this cool old stone silo.


That’s it for the preview. It’s Memorial Day. I don’t have to work. The sky is clear, for now, so I need to get out there and experience the world instead of sitting indoors, staring at my computer, writing about it.

Ta ta for now (TTFN)!

9 Replies to “Playing Catch-up. Again.”

  1. I certainly enjoyed your adventures with Scooterbob. Kathy, really you rocked! Thanks again for making it a lovely experience for all of us.

  2. Does the stone silo have a roof or has it collapsed? No need to explain any absence from your blog. After all, it’s your blog…

    New Hampshire, eh? I was wondering where in NE he’s located.

    1. Richard, no roof. Of course, there’s no sign of a barn or outbuilding of any sort, either. I can only imagine that silo is pretty old. I see silos like this often. I have no idea why they stand alone like that, but assume they’re just too hard to knock down for farmers to bother.

  3. David, hopefully I’ll actually HAVE some adventures. Nothing planned as of yet. But sometimes unplanned adventures are the best, n’est-ce pas?

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