I’ve Gone South

I’m enjoying a temporary change of venue this week. It’s not a “vacation” because I’ll be working all week, but it is a fun change of pace.

My friend, Heather Ruuska, who lives in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, invited me to come down for the week. She has a job similar to mine, working from home, so we’ll both be working during the day and having fun at night.

LOVEwork in Doswell, VA
LOVEwork in Doswell, VA

I drove down in the car on Saturday morning. I couldn’t resist adding-in some fun road-trip-type stuff.

Stop #1 was that LOVEwork in Doswell, VA (mainly because I HAD to get off of I-95).

Stop #2 was this awesome antique shop along US-301.

Two Frogs on a Bike
Two Frogs on a Bike

I forget exactly where it’s located. Sadly, it was closed. But I hope to find and revisit the place one day.

Two Frogs On a Bike
Two Frogs On a Bike

This BBQ joint was across the street from the antique shop.


A ways down the road, I was feeling a bit loopy and decided to stop at a convenience store for refreshments.

Scary Stuff
Scary Stuff

It was most definitely a store in the South, judging by some of the snacks for sale.

Snacks in the Southern US

This guy was outside of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

I have no idea what "tis here."
I have no idea what “’tis here.”

Moving a bit further south and east…

Sunflowers outside of Rocky Mount, NC.
Sunflowers outside of Rocky Mount, NC.

This cool building was in downtown Rocky Mount. It’s an industrial art school.

Cool School!

I think the big chicken was just outside of Wilson, NC.

Giant Cock
Giant Cock

Who can resist a giant chicken photo op?

I finally arrived at Ruuska Resort — my name for Heather and Timo’s lovely house — around 3:30-4:00 p.m.

Roxy was happy to see me.
Roxy was happy to see me.

Heather was happy to see me, too. We spent the evening chatting and catching up. (Timo is away visiting family). Then on Sunday we went to the beach.

A win-win for me. Hardee’s breakfast on the beach!

It was cloudy, but that was a good thing, because it was in the upper 80s to low 90s, and the sun would have made it unbearable.

We left the beach around 1:00 when a shower hit. A bit later, we went to Carolina Beach State Park, minutes from the house, which was very cool. More on the park later, once I return with my real camera for better pics. In the meantime, these phone captures will give you an idea how pretty it was there.

Wooded Path


Pitcher Plant

Did you know Pitcher Plants lure, trap, and digest flies? There are Venus Fly Traps in the park, too, but we didn’t see any of those yesterday.

Longleaf Pine Savannah

Such a lovely place, really. And huge! Especially considering it covers about half of the northern end of this beach-resort peninsula.

Heather’s Sago Palm

We ended the day taking Roxy for a walk.

The next shot was captured from the community boat ramp, looking north across Snow’s Cut (body of water that leads to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway).

As sunset approaches.


Moonrise Over the Marina

Finally, to top off an already-lovely day, we drove back to the state park for these sunset captures.

It was storming up north.


Sunset over the Cape Fear River.


Sunset over the Cape Fear River.

Now it’s Monday and time for work. No idea what we have planned for this evening, but I’m sure it will be lovely.

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I had to share this fun video of Fiddler Crabs. They looked like beach bugs! In my opinion.

15 Replies to “I’ve Gone South”

    1. True. But I’m working, so no time to shop. I’m safe! Oh, and there are no rocks on this beach, just pulverized shells, so no geologic features will be getting relocated either.

  1. I thought the muffler man’s sign said T is here. So maybe the question isn’t what “tis here,” but rather WHO is T? 🙂

    Also, I love the shot of Snow’s Cut – beautiful!

    1. Thanks for that different twist, Shan!

      It’s pretty here, but hot. I might be able to adjust, especially if there are cool thunderstorms rolling through daily.

  2. Great photos Kathy. It is good to see you having fun on the road trip.

    Not sure what I like best the two frogs on a bike or the field of sunflowers.

  3. The very hotest of hot, hot, hot weather I have experience in my life was on two separate occasions, both in North Carolina.

    The first was on the beach at Kittyhawk, the second in Raleigh. In Raleigh there was no relief on the pool. The water felt greasy, like I was wading in a bowl of vegetable soup.

    Doesn’t look like that at all in your photos, it looks marvelous.

    Have fun (in the evenings)!

    1. It was hot for sure, but, much to my surprise, I adjusted. After that week in the tropics, the drier heat here didn’t feel as bad.

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