Backtracking, B&B Style

I’m behind again. I have given up trying to understand or explain why I haven’t been writing blog posts, so I figured I would just state the obvious and move on.

Back in April while Hubby and I were visiting Amy and family in Washington, we FINALLY got the chance to meet up with fellow moto bloggers Brandy (Trobairitz) and Brad (Troubadour). We’d been close a couple of times. I was thrilled that we finally got to meet. (I wrote about that meet-up elsewhere in a more-timely fashion.)

Brandy, Brad, and Me

They live in Oregon, so Brandy chose a spot — Centralia, Washington — about halfway between their house and Amy’s neighborhood for us to have lunch.

They’re both just as nice in person as I knew they’d be. One day, hopefully, we will meet again and maybe ride together.

Rainy Day in Washington

Hubby and I arrived a few minutes early so we poked around town a bit. Then, after a lovely lunch, the four of us strolled around town for a little while. Hubby and I were still in charge of the grand kids, so, sadly, we didn’t have an indefinite amount of time to linger.

My Doppelganger


Mural in Centralia


Brad trying on bikes for size.


Mural in Centralia


Cool Reflection

We had a lovely lunch with B&B. Really. I’m sure the four of us could have some fun adventures together.

Maybe one day…

I think B&B were a bit unsettled when, as we were preparing to leave, I hurried back from the bathroom to get my camera.

It’s never a good feeling when someone is taking pictures in a bathroom. But the sink area was unlike anything I had ever seen.

Unusual Sink in the Women’s Bathroom at the Restaurant

If Hubby weren’t a plumbing guy, I may not have been so compelled to capture that photo. But he is a plumbing guy, so I HAD to.

6 Replies to “Backtracking, B&B Style”

  1. We too had a great time with you two. Just think of the shenanigans we’d get up to if we lived closer together.

    One day we’ll have to get together again. Centralia was an interesting little town, we’d never stopped there before it it worked for a meeting place.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your vacation to meet us. It was definitely a highlight to the year for us..

  2. Cool that you got to meet B&B.

    Oh I would have had to have a picture of that bathroom too, probably several, and we have no plumbing connection at all. Lol, yes, pun intended!

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