As Seen in Kassel, Germany

img_0175I am not a typical traveler. Neither are my friends and Hubby, apparently. We don’t all go in for seeing all of the must-see sights at a particular place. We’re more amble around, take-it-all-in, see-what-you-can-see types. We travel together because we like each others’ company. We have fun together. We laugh a lot. We all like good food and drinks, too, so we tend to eat well and drink more than we probably should. Seeing cool stuff along the way is more of a bonus than the ultimate goal.

That being said, Kassel wasn’t a complete disappointment (see my previous post), it was just okay. The park and fountain were cool, but the city itself didn’t really excite us. Of course, it’s being compared to other places we visited during this particular tour, like Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg. Compared to Detroit, Kassel is awesome!

Hubby and I really enjoy seeing the old buildings in European cities. There weren’t a whole lot of old buildings in Kassel’s downtown because it was 90% destroyed by bombs in WWII. The place wasn’t as picturesque as it might have been, but there was still some interestingness to behold.

Like the Man Walking to the Sky sculpture.

Yves and Mike enjoying a bit of art.


Random Graffiti


Church Steeple across from our hotel.


Rathaus (town hall), which was rebuilt after the war.

There was nothing else particularly notable, just some things that caught my eye. Like these interesting buildings…

Drug Store


Hotel (maybe a rent-by-the-hour sort)


Caricatura (museum? school of cartoons? not sure…)


I like the façade of the building on the right.


No idea what is housed here.

Oh, and a couple of nice shots from the park that I should have shared in yesterday’s post.

Weeping Evergreen?

I found this weeping-type evergreen tree fascinating both for the type of tree and the amount of moss and lichen growing on the trunk and branches.

I guess Kassel is a wet place. There was lots of moss, lichen, ferns, and other shady forest-loving growths on many trees, stone walls, buildings, etc.

See the face? Just left of the center of the image.

You may need to click on the image above for a closer look. The face jumped right out at me when I saw those rocks.

Vintage Way-Finding Sign

And that’s it for Kassel. Next up, the Czech Republic.

6 Replies to “As Seen in Kassel, Germany”

  1. Either or Neither? 🙂

    You guys definitely “ambled about”…still, as you said, no rule says you must do all the same stuff as everyone else!

    If you had fun, it’s all good.

  2. Kassel… almost completely wiped during WWII, it doesn’t have any a lot of lovely architecture left. The city centre is an eyesore. All these square post war square buildings. My hubby used to work there, and I visited a few times. Certainly not my kind of town.

  3. I’m looking forward to your Prague post because I’m hoping you got good pictures of the astronomical clock! Fingers crossed!

  4. Interesting buildings. A shame that most of the originals were destroyed in the war, so many lives and history lost.

    Self guided tours are great, go where you want to go on your schedule.

  5. I like the little guy climbing the pole!

    And that casual approach to travel is definitely my style. I guess the exception would be must-ride motorcycle roads. We make time for those 🙂

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