Most-Unusual Wear Pattern

I found a very interesting seashell at Virginia Beach last week. It was actually just a piece of a shell. Most of the shells I was seeing were completely pulverized.

I’ve been told shells get pulverized like that when there’s a dredging/beach replenishment effort in an area. I can’t say whether that’s the case in Virginia Beach or not, but I do know there were lots of rocks/stones and pulverized shells along the beach.

That’s okay, because even small things can be interesting, whether they are whole or not.

Most-Interesting Wear Pattern

I though the wear pattern on this piece of shell was really cool. You’re looking at the inside of what was once a much-thicker shell. The other side just looks like the outside of any other unremarkable shell.

The pic is grainy because it’s an extreme close-up, taken with my phone while I was sitting on the beach. That piece is actually pretty little. I’d guesstimate bigger than a dime, but smaller than a nickel.

Let’s see…

Compared to Coins
Compared to Coins

I did find one shell that looked to be pretty perfect.

A Perfect Shell
A Perfect Shell

But it was hard to tell without my close-up-vision glasses.

Looks Deceiving
Looks Can Be Deceiving

Did you think that perfect shell would be so small? 🙂

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