Cute Store Window Display

Hi, my name is Kathy. I am a photoaholic. Or something like that.

Before leaving Belgium, Annelies and I swapped picture files. All of the photos the two of us took during our time together are on a thumb drive/memory stick. I figured I’d go through them, but wanted to first upload the pics I took in Iceland (Annelies and Yves didn’t join us in Iceland).

That’s when I discovered that, in all, I’d taken just over 2,850 pics with my camera. In 19 days. That doesn’t include the 943 images I captured on my phone.

In all, Annelies only took 908 pics. That includes camera and phone pics. Slacker.

But then, she doesn’t have a selfie stick like the cool one Hubby bought for me just before the trip.

Mike, Annelies, Me, Tammi, and Yves at Rhine Falls
Mike, Annelies, Me, Tammi, and Yves at Rhine Falls

You have to look closely to see Yves. He’s in the background, basically standing on my head.

Some folks probably think I spent all of my time behind a camera. I didn’t. I’m just a visual person. When something catches my eye, for whatever reason, I tend to snap a quick photo. I’m a sucker for stuff like fun window displays, cool reflections, interesting and/or different signs, etc. I’ve gotten good at capturing images on the fly and/or on the sly, too, you know, discretely and/or while in motion.

Like this hole-in-the-floor shot I captured on the way to the WC (short for water closet aka toilet) at the Zipfer Bierhaus in Salzburg. According to their website, it was built in 1300. They’re big on authenticity (not kitsch) and preserving history.

Weird Décor in Salzburg, Austria Bar
Weird Décor in Salzburg, Austria Bar

I was really hoping their site would explain the skeleton-at-the-bottom-of-the-well thing.

Oh, and some of those 943 phone pics were captured in bursts or multiple frames of special group selfies. Some were screen captures of important stuff like hotel addresses and/or confirmation numbers. Some were just silly things I saw, or cool motorcycles, funny signs, crazy-looking people, etc. Or beer we wanted to remember. We drank a lot of different beers.

A Swiss Wheat Beer

Others were views I enjoyed, but was so relaxed I didn’t fell like digging out the “real” camera. There are also quite a few phone pics that started out as camera pics, but that I added to the phone for ease of sharing.

Our view during lunch in Prague.

Oh, and we can’t forget all of the pics I captured to help tell a story, like this one of Mike and me.

Me and Hubby Mike at the Hallstatt Salt Mine

See that big-ass hill behind us? We had to walk UP that hill to go down into a salt mine. That hill was so steep — did I mention the dirt-and-gravel path — that is was very hard to maintain our footing while walking back down the hill. Really.

Anyway, to make a long post short… I have a LOT of pictures to sort through!

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  1. I think you need to step up your photo-taking volume to be a true photoholic. One of my cousins kids (professional event photographer) took something like 10,000 pictures at our family reunion over a 4 day period. So no need to look for a 12-step program yet…

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