Um, what!?!
Um, what!?!

That’s how one co-worker described her feeling upon hearing the news, a week ago today, that I’d been laid off.

She’s a Brit, and they have some fun words, don’t they? Well, it would be more fun if it weren’t being used to describe last Friday’s announcement that my employment had suddenly been terminated.

I was told it wasn’t performance-related. It was because our sales team hadn’t met their goals. So the CEO decided to completely eliminate about half of the proposals staff (me) and 17 other people across the firm.

Yep, I am currently unemployed. I am not bitter; it’s business. Was I shocked? Absolutely. Am I worried? Yes and no. I have lots of good prospects, a strong track record, and great references, but the search process takes time. I have been putting in lots of hours networking frantically all week. I’ve even had a couple of good phone interviews already.

Having a good, responsive recruiter on my side would help though. So, if you know of anyone who works as a life sciences recruiter, let me know. Please.

Now I need to get back to “work” finding a new job! I’ll get back to vacation re-caps once I make some more progress.

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  1. Bummer about the job (or lack). Especially with no warning. I always hated looking for a job. I think that’s why I was at the university for such a long time. Too lazy to look for something else.

    BTW, pixabay.com apparently doesn’t allow hot linking so we can’t see the cool picture you picked to go with “gobsmacked”.

    1. Thanks, Richard. I have fixed the pic. 🙂

      Every time I start a new job, I think — and hope! — I will never have to look for work again. Mainly because the whole looking for work thing sucks. There’s not other way to put it. Maybe this time, I’ll find my LAST job. Fingers crossed!

      In the meantime, I am taking the afternoon off to go for a ride. 🙂

      1. You know… I thought about the bright side of it too after I posted. First round of drinks on me!

  2. Been there, though the last time my job ended on that basis, I was the one who fired me. I like to think of it as having fired my boss.

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I know it’s hard looking for a new job. I broke my leg in the state police academy a few years ago, and I had to leave to let it heal. It was really hard being without a job during those few months. I went back into the emergency medicine/pain management field, but I kept at it for my goal of being in law enforcement. I’m in law enforcement today, but it was a long road getting back to it. I wish you all the best and I’m hoping you find something soon so that the worry of finding a job is over.

    1. Thanks, Katherine. I’m not super-worried, but I am doing the responsible thing (mostly) and spending every day “working” at finding a new job.

      There’s lots of stuff out there, and I have a whole bunch of irons in the fire, or hooks in the sea. It just seems like it is taking FOREVER, but it has only been seven days!

  4. I have been laid off once and know the feeling, anyway it became the best time of my life… traveling, visiting friends and family, and getting back into motorcycling, it kind of turned my life around. Think positive, you might find new work sooner than you are prepared to take on 😉

  5. Sonja,

    I am honestly looking at this as a new opportunity. I’d like to just kick back and have fun, but am doing the responsible thing and “working” all day, every weekday at finding a new job. Like I said in another comment, I have a whole bunch of irons in the fire, or hooks in the sea. Now I just need to wait for companies to start biting! It seems like it is taking FOREVER, but it has only been seven days! Seven LONG days. Sigh…

  6. Omg, I am finally getting to comment on this post, after seeing it on FB days ago, and you already have a new job! Yay, and double yay that you’re going riding! I am sorry our schedules didn’t work to meet up somewhere, but one day they will!

    Ps: when I go to a blog post from FB, the blog sites don’t recognize me, and I can’t comment. If i had my PW handy, but i never do. Does that happen to you too?

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