A Hard Lesson I’ve Learned (BBBC-2017-05)

Unfortunately, I’ve learned quite a few hard lessons in my time. These are life lessons I’m  talking about. Some were a bit harder than others. Most involved pain. Some were more useful than others, too. All were memorable in their own way.

“Not everything is as it seems,” is probably one of the most useful lessons I’ve learned. It applies to  things like this storefront.


That not a reading room, it’s a people-trap. I’m pretty sure if I went in there, sat down, and read a book, it wouldn’t be long before someone came over to talk to me. Who can read when someone’s talking to you?

It applies to people, too. Those lessons are usually the hardest. Love a man you think is faithful, he cheats. Befriend a person, learn to trust them, they betray you. Follow a country road that looks promising, sometimes you reach a dead-end.

So what do you do? Assume all people are liars? Fakes? That unknown paths never provide interesting journeys?

Do you shut yourself down, close yourself off, trust no one, no thing. Or do you keep on keeping on.

The hardest lesson for me has been realizing that lessons never end.

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This is post #5 in my second annual Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge.

6 Replies to “A Hard Lesson I’ve Learned (BBBC-2017-05)”

  1. I’m convinced the day I don’t learn some kind of lesson will be my final day.

    I’m enjoying your challange posts and some of the other participants’ posts. I’m too chicken to contribute in person, but I’ve been writing to see what I come up with.

    Great idea, no matter what.

  2. Hard lessons indeed, but definitely keep on keeping on…especially the unknown paths, they can bring the best surprises!

    Oh and Happy happy birthday, Kathy! 🙂

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