Farewell February (BBBC-2017-28)

This February hasn’t felt nearly as long as February typically does. It’s either because we’ve been blessed with quite a few days of Spring-like weather, or because this blog challenge has given me something specific to do each day. Perhaps it’s a mix of both?

Serves Its Purpose

The final prompt of the month says I need to share the February image from my wall calendar. I actually have two wall calendars. Both are in my office. One is more functional than decorative. It even has a utitilitarian look.

See what I mean? There’s no mistaking that calendar for an object d’art.

But it works.

The other calendar is more decorative. It hangs in a spot that’s been occupied by a calendar since December 2012 or so.

One of my girlfriends used to give me a calendar for Christmas every year. I’m not sure why she stopped. The calendars have always been more my taste than Hubby’s so I liked hanging them in my office.

When I was growing up, the calendar for the house always hung in the kitchen. I can’t remember if I had a calendar in the kitchen at our old house or not. At this house, there’s not really a good spot in the kitchen for a calendar.

Lowell Herrero Cows Calendar

Frogs would be more appropriate in my office, but I like the cows painted by Lowell Herrero. And it’s MY office.

Thanks again to all of my blog buddies who played along. Whether you succeeded or not, I’m still glad you participated.


7 Replies to “Farewell February (BBBC-2017-28)”

  1. I used to have the same calendar in my office (the utilitarian one) but just used it to plan trips to Barrow aka Utqiaġvik. It’s easier when you can see several months at a time to balance budget and having sufficient staff coverage.

    I somewhat cheated on this challenge as on the first day, I created the shells of posts and then scheduled them to be published at noon local time on the appropriate day. So as ideas came to mind, I just modified the posts whenever I had time. That’s why they all sort of ended up looking the same. Thank you for setting up the challenge!

  2. That’s not cheating, that’s being smart! 😊

    I can’t believe I didn’t discover that type of calendar until last year. It’s great help for planning deadlines.

  3. Thank you for setting up the challenge! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to play along more faithfully. It’s just been a crazy stretch for me. I’ll finish out the challenge, but it’ll just be sporadic posts here and there. I’m looking forward to next year and will try harder!

  4. I really enjoyed the challenge, Kathy, and it made me remember how much fun blogging can be! I was introduced to new blogging friends, and New perspectives, and that is always a good thing. I’m sorry I will miss you on your solo trip (this time) but look forward to reading all about your adventures. 🙂

  5. I’m a bit late weighing in here but I did want to say thank you — for dreaming up the challenge in the first place, and for running it again this year. As a person who lacks discipline, these sorts of rituals help me get past my innate nature.

    And there was much fun exploring thoughts regarding the various prompts through the month. Now I’m back to my own devices. We’ll see if anything stuck from February….

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