Can’t Handle the Truth (BBBC-2017-21)

I am still totally up-to-date with this blog challenge thing. Yep, I’m right on time with the 21st prompt — as in one prompt a day — which just happens to be “misinformation.”

Our server was down yesterday. A large tree fell in the yard and tore through the fiber optic cable. The wood shorted-out the circuit, so we lost connectivity.


One of the limbs tore a hole in the fence, too.

It didn’t just cause drama for the human residents. A groundhog had been living in the tree, apparently. About 30 seconds too late, I saw it wandering around the fallen trunk, looking lost. In that 30 seconds, both dogs managed to make it out the doggie door, which is in the rear of the house, and around to the front yard.  As soon as they saw the newly evicted groundhog, they gave chase.

I somehow managed to grab my cell phone first. That’s how I captured this close-up shot of the groundhog in our yard.


Cute little thing, isn’t he?

My first thought when the dogs lit after it was that I hoped they didn’t hurt the thing. My second thought, which came as the dogs chased the groundhog out through the new hole in the fence, was that I hoped the dogs didn’t get hurt chasing that groundhog.

Don’t worry, though. All is well. Although it took me about three hours to catch up with the girls and convince them to come home.

Just in time to sit down and read some news on the Internet, where everything is true all of the time.

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