Nothing Feels Good

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Tuesday was the first day in a long time that my workday ended with no future deadlines hanging over my head. After hitting SEND on Tuesday’s final deliverable, I pushed my chair back away from my desk thinking, “tomorrow, I have nothing due.”


It was awesome. It’s been a crazy-busy few weeks.

Nothing really does feel good.

Thats not to say I don’t have anything to do, just nothing that MUST be done Wednesday or Thursday.  Working under tight deadline pressure can be mentally exhausting. And I’m finding that the older I get, the harder it gets. Yes, I can still do it, but it’s draining. All-consuming.

Here’s an example of just how consuming. Last week, I was supposed to pull a homeless nine-month-old Brittany puppy named Gus from the local SPCA shelter. I was supposed to do it on Thursday, to be exact.

Thursday morning, out of the blue, two important work deadlines shifted. That meant I really had to hustle to get several things done much sooner than anticipated. I was working away Thursday afternoon, so focused on meeting those new deadlines, that I completely FORGOT to go get the puppy.

Okay, I didn’t forget, I lost track of time. But still. That’s just forgetfulness with a good reason.

What kind of person forgets a puppy!?!

I was mortified. What if he was handed over to someone else? His new family would have been devastated!

Luckily, he was still there on Friday. I showed up 30 minutes before they opened so I’d be the first person in line. All worked out, thank goodness. I really would have felt horrible if I hadn’t been able to bring him home. His new family had already planned to come pick him up Friday evening.

He was a cutie, but a handful. He weighed 40 pounds (same as my K), but was about eight inches taller than K, and about 10 inches taller than Belle. Both of my girls are petite Brittanys, and Gus is tall for a Britt. The difference was quite amusing.

He may have looked like an adult, but he was all puppy. He rarely sat still, and was quite mischievous.

This cracked me up. Accidental pic that looks like one of my selfies!


Belle was like, "WTF? Get this crazy boy out of here."
Belle was like, “WTF? Get this crazy boy out of here.”

K just stayed under my desk. LOL.

I picked him up at noon, and had a deadline to meet by the end of the day. Talk about adding a little extra stress.

Frog Legs!


Thank God I had a deer antler handy.
Thank God I had a deer antler handy.

Seriously, giving him something to chew saved the day.

What a cute face!
What a cute face!

Orange and white is the most-common color pattern for Brittanys. My girls are less-common.

He was much taller than my girls.
He was much taller than my girls.

He really wanted to play, but my grumpy old ladies were having no parts of that.

Grumpy Old Ladies

It made for an entertaining afternoon, but I wasn’t sorry to see him go. Especially since he went to a young, hunting family with a two year old Brittany sister for Gus. It’s a match made in Heaven for Gus.

And a happy ending for me. 🙂


9 Replies to “Nothing Feels Good”

  1. I couldn’t tell from other pics I’d seen of Gus, but his legs are WAY long. And such a cute face!

    1. Yes, he is very tall! One leggy boy. 😄

      When he counter surfed, the edge of the counter was practically in his armpit! His new family has their hands full.

  2. Funny post title Kathy 🙂

    I was expecting something entirely different. I have to stop watching CNN.

    Thanks for brightening my Friday morning.

    Now THAT feels good!

  3. I’m like David, the title made me expect something different, so the post made me happy!

    I do not miss those days of stress and deadlines…on a lighter note, has your trip timing firmed up? It’s always fun anticipating the next trip!

    1. I’m glad to have made you happy, too. 😉

      The trip is officially on the books for the first week or two of May. I AM looking forward to it, but not doing any planning. I want it to be a true adventure. The temptation to plan is strong, though.

  4. What a great way to celebrate “National Puppy Day”! I’m glad that you were able to rescue the beautiful dog and it went to a good home.

    1. I was so relieved. The couple who adopted him really are a cute pair, with a super cute little Brittany sister. I foresee many happy years together for all of them.

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