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On April 24, I started this post, but never finished. The purpose was mainly to catch up and let y’all know I’d be leaving for my solo adventure on Saturday. As in LAST Saturday, April 29. But then I had the busiest work week ever, leading up to the trip, and never got around to finishing the post. So here it is…

Holy cow. How did it get to be so close to the end of April already?!? So much for me trying to get all of the 2016 vacation catalogued before my 2017 adventure begins.

It has almost been a month since my last post. On one hand, it feels uneventful. On the other hand, a lot has gone on.

Let’s see, there was the visit to my friend Tracey’s farm, which provided a chance for three friends to catch-up with each other AND an opportunity to meet, feed, and love-on four three-week-old baby goats.

That was followed by another brief trip to Charlottesville, Virginia, . where my employer’s headquarters is located. I got to enjoy some face-to-face time with existing co-workers and meet a few new ones.

There were a few weekends of yard work, each followed by five to six days of very sore and achy muscles.

We even managed to squeeze-in a motorcycle ride on Easter Sunday!

When I was blogging regularly, I could look back at a variety of posts as a reminder of what happened, when. I’ve lost that. Now, I have to rely on things like Instagram and Facebook. Of the two, I prefer Instagram. Its only downfall being that images are not dated. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I love being able to keep up with friends and loved ones. I hate that there’s so much negativity. I’m torn between wanting to pull the plug on my Facebook account and maybe whittling down my list of “friends” to people I care about, with whom I share at least some sort of valid connection. There are many folks on that list who I rarely, if ever interact with. I suspect many of them probably have just unfollowed me (elected NOT to see any of my posts, often the last step before actually removing oneself from a friend list and/or severing the cord of friendship).

In other news, I learned a fun new word — pareidolia — after receiving an email from Ry (from Two Wheels to There) containing a link to a web page with a funny collection of images. In that case, the word refers to seeing faces in everyday objects, but it’s apparently an all-encompassing term to describe a “psychological phenomenon” wherein one perceives familiar patterns, like faces, where none exists. The image shared below is one of my favorites among a nice collection that made me laugh out loud on more than a few occasions.


There are lots of great pics on that page. You should check it out.

Finally, I am excited to say that I’ll be leaving on Saturday for my Big 50 Adventure. I figured I deserved to celebrate making it to my fiftieth birthday, and a solo adventure seemed like a great idea.

I’ve told y’all before that Hubby and I enjoy riding together, but we have different riding styles. He likes to cover long distances in short periods of time and I like to meander, stop often, and look at stuff. Oh, and take pictures, too.

Periodic solo trips are good for the soul. I’m not planning ahead either. All I know is that my first stop will be Monterey, Virginia (there’s a new LOVEwork there). I’ll plan the route as I go.

For those who are interested, there’ll be a Spotwalla Tracker Map. That’s how Hubby can keep an eye on me.

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  1. Have a great trip! I’ve started and abandoned posts after they go a little stale due to my procrastination. I’ll be following your Spotwalla track and posts whenever I’m lucky enough to find Internet.

  2. It is funny how often we can see faces in objects. The knot picture is perfect example. Love what the hand is doing too.

    I’ve been following along your trip with the pictures on Facebook. Looks like a great ride even with the crazy weather.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the lowdown on pareidolia. Because of your tendency to see #facesinplaces, I thought of you first when–out of the blue–my sister sent that link to me.

    I got a kick out of following your adventure on Instagram. Since I picked up my first smartphone late last summer, I’ve really taken to Instagram as a sort of realtime miniblog.

    1. Of course the term pareidolia wpuld come from Ry! I love it! And i loved following your Big 50 ride!

      I am seeing faces in everything out here in the big rock country! Now I just need several days to write about it all!

      1. You’ve been doing a great job with the posts so far! If only I could figure out why I can’t leave comments on your blog. Something to do with conflicting WordPress and gravatar accounts. I’ll figure it out one day.

        1. Thanks, Kathy! Strange about not being able to comment, but thanks for the kind words here. I have sooo many things to share and so little time! 😉

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