ToadMama’s Big 50 Adventure

My trip has come to an end. It was a grand adventure. I saw lots of interesting stuff, put check marks next to some list items, rode a lot of amazing roads, captured some more LOVE, experienced some firsts… all in all, it was a damn fine adventure.

I left on Saturday, April 29, with no definite plan beyond making Monterey, Virginia my first destination. And that’s because there’s a LOVEwork in Monterey I hadn’t seen. If you’re not familiar with the whole LOVEwork thing, CLICK HERE. (I need to update my “log” page. I’ve seen well over 50 now.)

In nine days, I covered 1,911 miles. That’s an average of just over 212 miles per day. And most of those miles were on seriously curvy roads.

I keep encountering issues uploading pics for some reason, so I’ll post more later. Since I was so late letting y’all know the trip had started, I figured I should be more prompt announcing the end. Β πŸ™‚

I have some good stories to share, and lots pf pics, so I’ll post more soon. I promise.

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    1. Yes, because I told y’all about it late, it did seem to end fast. I enjoyed each and every day of it though.

      What do you mean by 50 days?

        1. Richard, 50 days sound like a fabulous idea. If I start saving money now, maybe when I turn 60 I can do a 60-day trip. πŸ™‚

  1. I too enjoyed seeing the pics on Facebook. You covered a fair bit of mileage on your vacation especially with some of the weather you had.

    1. Thanks! Most days were pretty long ones. I only really got rained on once, for several hours, but it did get cold. And windy. It was all part of the adventure. 😎

  2. Ditto (is it still ditto when you agree with several previous comments?) on enjoying the FB and Instagram posts! I am SO far behind on reading, it is shameful, but will try to catch up and read your trip posts! 😎

      1. Thank you, I am going to try to do both. 😊

        We are headed to Torrey, UT today and the riding there is reported to be epic, in addition to Capitol Reef and Canyonlands NPs. Yippee!

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