Fall Picnic at Camp Roosevelt

Hubby Mike and I went for a ride today. For me, it was the first ride in months! It’s been a weird year. I’ve been so busy doing other stuff, I haven’t been able to get out on two wheels much at all. So I REALLY enjoyed it. I even used The Spotwalla trackerΒ just to make sure it still works. Maybe even so I can look back and remember that it even happened.

Rest Break

The leaves are starting to change, mostly at higher elevations, but the last several days have been quite warm. Right now it’s about 86 F (30 C). We leave for vacation on Thursday. We’re heading to Belgium to visit our friends, Annelies and Yves, who JUST moved into a house they’ve been renovating for a couple/few years. It’s supposedly been unseasonably cool there, so I hope that trend continues.

I mapped out a route for us before leaving. A simple loop that would take us to a nice picnic spot. The place I chose was Camp Roosevelt. It’s along one of our favorite putt-putt roads through a piece of the George Washington National Forest near Luray, Virginia. We’d passed the place numerour times, but had never stopped. I had no idea there was a picnic area or that it was the location of the very first Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) site in the nation.

Here are a few images captured during our picnic stop.




Aren’t we fancy? Plates, drink goblets, a little cutting board… there’s also a cheese knife, cutlery, a blanket, salt & pepper shakers, and even cloth napkins.


After we’d eaten, I snagged a few pics of some Fall color to share. The colors are most noticeable at higher elevations and in cooler spots, like creek-side riding through Fort Valley, one of my favorite local geographic oddities.










All in all, it was a lovely day.

12 Replies to “Fall Picnic at Camp Roosevelt”

  1. Fun!! Glad you got out on the bikes and managed to have a picnic. I love packing picnic lunches while on the bikes.

    Looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures too.

  2. Very nice Kathy.

    As I write this I’m in State College PA. The seven and a half hour ride down yesterday in 31C heat was amazing but very hot. Today I get a tour of Steve William’s ‘sticks’. I’ll get to see if the leaves are turning here too.

    Having a picnic is a great idea. We used to have a few every summer when I was a kid.

    1. Nice, David! I hope to get up there and meet Steve one day, and to visit your neck of the woods and meet you in person, too. I hope your visit is a good one.

  3. It’s great that y’all got back out on the bikes–and to such a pleasant-looking spot!

    What radical and great ideas were the CCC and the WPA, benefiting individual citizens and our nation alike (we could use some NEW “radical” ideas πŸ˜‰ )…

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