Looking Ahead

I’m not sure what happened to January. I mean, it FLEW past. For me, anyway. But then there’s a lot going on.

The pace at work may be leveling out, which is a very good thing. Maybe I can actually make some progress on the huge job-related to-do list. Having a lot of stuff hanging over your head that you know you really need to get done, stuff that will make your job easier in the long run, is stressful. Add that to the usual stress of the multiple, more-immediate deliverables. And the long hours.  It can become a bit of a powder keg. Hopefully I’ll survive, job intact.

K is still hanging in there, and we are still taking that whole situation one day at a time. Trying not to dwell on the sadness of it all so that her final time in her physical body is well-spent.

Now that February is here, it’s time to look ahead, focus on some positive stuff for a change. Looking ahead for me almost always involves travel plans. I went to visit my Dad last week, driving up Thursday night then coming home on Friday. Hubby stayed home with the girls so I didn’t have to worry.

Just a random pic from a previous adventure.

In a few weeks, I’ll be heading to Pennsylvania with a girlfriend or two for our annual getaway. Hopefully, two. Sadly, one of my friends has been dealing with some serious health issues.

In mid-March, we will all be heading to Maryland to help my MIL move into a new apartment. At the end of March, I’ll be meeting up with another girlfriend, somewhere between here and Wilmington, North Carolina.

From an old trip with Hubby.

We were supposed to go to Hawaii in April — our 25th wedding anniversary trip — but that’s been pushed back to September. Maybe we can squeeze in a long moto weekend to celebrate that milestone. Parties aren’t really our thing.


I have no idea what will come up after that. There wasn’t much on my agenda this time last year either, and I ended up getting around quite a bit. Although I did not make it to Mississippi as I’d planned.

Another pic from a previous ride.

I did have fun looking through old pictures this morning. Not “old” per se, just pics captured while on previous adventures.

I foresee many new, fun selfies in my near future.

If Hubby and I were owls.

Or maybe not.

I hope you are all well!

13 Replies to “Looking Ahead”

  1. Great to hear fr om you Kathy, and I loved the trip down memory lane via photos of previous adventures!

    I hope things settle down for you at work, and that your planned jaunts bring you much joy…especially your 25th anniversary celebrations! 😍

  2. Oh and I had a reminder on FB of last year’s blog challenge…amazing that you inspired me to actually write a post a day for a whole month! Since then I may have averaged a post per month! 🤣

    1. Yeah, I’ve been awful. My poor, ignored blog. I thought about a February challenge for about a microsecond, but quickly came to my senses.

    1. Thanks, B. I’m touched that you remembered!

      We hired a new person at work, so things should start getting better.

    1. Thanks, Richard. I can’t remember if I admitted when posting that I didn’t take that. I stumbled across it awhile back and it cracked me up. Those expressions really do look like Mike and me.

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