The Moment I Knew

13 Nov

This morning we said our final goodbyes to Meg. It was terribly hard. But it was finally time to let the old girl go. The image at left was shared here before, in a post from July 2013, where I … Read More »

Life With an Old Dog

11 Sep

Meg is 15. She hears very little any more. Her eyesight is failing. She suffers periodic bouts of cognitive dysfunction (doggie dementia). Her legs are getting weaker and weaker. While she still enjoys our daily walks, she’s been moving slower … Read More »

The Big One Five

10 Jun
Party Girl

All of our dogs are rescue dogs. Hubby has been known to call them “used” dogs. Cast-off, unwanted pets. Our oldest, Meg, turned 15 yesterday. She is the only of our current dogs who came to us with papers, so … Read More »

Surrogate Children

17 Jul

Having dogs really is like having kids. Sit still in a room, and the dogs find a cozy spot to lay. Unless it’s close to meal time. Or time for a walk, snack, mail run, etc. They are creatures of … Read More »