Anywhere But Here

It is early on Tuesday. I’m not feeling much like working. In fact, I’m sitting here, sipping my coffee, wishing I were anywhere but here right now.

I’d take a picture to show you my office, but it is messy. So just use your imagination. Imagine me in a 10 x 10 room (approximate), painted green. I am sitting at my fake-wood desk, blond in color, with my feet up on the file cabinet that sits to the left of my desk. CeCe, my oldest dog, is curled up under my desk. Moses, my oldest cat, is curled up across the room on a dog pillow. Muffin, the younger cat, is on the recliner, which is also green. I’m not sure where exactly Meg is, but trust me when I say she isn’t far away.

I just finished reading some OPBs (other peoples’ blogs), which is probably why I am feeling this way. I blame it all on Scary, of Scary’s West, for posting things like this. I’d love to spend some time hanging out in that cabin!

And then there’s this post, too. My world is so different (sigh).

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things I love about my life. Like Hubby, for example. And my kids, of course. And grandkids. And the rest of the family (parents, pets, extended family, etc.).

I’m not crazy about living in Maryland; I yearn to go west. West Virginia is a start, I guess. I’ll be riding up there tomorrow.

It is far too crowded here. And loud. And hectic. (Imagine another big sigh.)

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be? The photo below was taken last year on a whirlwind tour of Zion National Park. I can see myself there, strolling along the road. A backpack full of camera equipment and water slung over my right shoulder. My tripod hitting me on the back of my legs as I amble along, scanning the scenery for just the right camera angle.

Like I said before… anywhere but here. Where would you rather be?

Guess the State

I was looking through some pictures this morning, trying to decide what to post on my blog when I came across the photo shown here on the right. I wondered how many of my loyal readers (if I have any loyal readers) could guess where this photo was taken. Those of you who only recently discovered my blog, and who have only known me for a couple of years, probably won’t guess. It is not as obvious as you might think.

Speaking of loyal readers, I am thinking I have at least three who check here periodically. Two of those three are shown in the photo below…

This image, which is four years old, of my three kids (L-R: Shannon, Amy and Eric) was taken as they prepared to go whitewater rafting on the Gallatin River. It was taken several days before the moose photo. It was not in the same state that the moose photo was taken.

Care to guess where the moose were? If yes, leave a comment. How? At the end of this post, you’ll see a time followed by a number and the word “comments.” Click on “comments” and you’ll be directed to the page where you type in your comment. Just follow the directions on the screen. It is easy.

This is a dual test to see if, a) I have more than three loyal readers and b) any of those loyal readers can name the right state.

Correction… Thirty-nine States!

My wonderful hubby, Mike, corrected me. He says I left out Missouri in my list of visited states map. So, I have gone to a new site (better map!) and added Missouri. Now, only 11 states left to visit.

The states I have yet to set foot in are Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Oklahome, Rhode Island, and Texas. I hope to get to Maine first as I really want to see Acadia National Park.

Thirty-eight States

On our recent trip to Alaska, Mike and I got into a discussion with some folks about how many states we have visited. Mike has been to 49 of 50 (only Hawaii remains). I know I have been to a lot, but I have never actually counted. Today, that changed.

My Visited US States

I have visited 38 of the 50 US states. The ones I have left to visit are: Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Texas.

I doubt I’ll knock any of those remaining states off of the list this year, but one never knows.