Meg Update & Some Strange Excitement

Remember how sick Meg was?

"Oh, Mama. I don't feel good..."

After her brief (thankfully), but very scary bout with pancreatitis, Meg is back. See for yourself…

As for the STRANGE excitement…

This "strange man" mysteriously appeared...

Last night, while the girls were all outside, a strange man showed up in our kitchen. The minute she saw him, Belle started barking. Of course, K came running to investigate. She saw the strange man and started barking, too. Loudly. They both meant business. By that time, Meg showed up. She was barking, too, but her heart wasn’t in it. Especially after the strange man opened the door (the little girls were still barking), removed his big glasses (the little girls were STILL barking) and his yellow hat (barking continued).

The “strange man” was Hubby. I don’t think the little girls liked the yellow hat.

Later, after we finally convinced the little ones to come inside, things had settled down.

Thinking nothing of it, Hubby put the hat back on so he could return to the basement (he’s in the process of finishing it).

Well, that set the little knuckleheads off again.

They must really hate that hat.

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  1. It reminds me of the time I put on one of those green clay face masks. Islay was freaked the eff out with her ears flattened to the back of her head and growling big time. Oops!

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