A Significant Event… UPDATE

Guess what? We really did get more snow. In order for you to appreciate just how much snow we have, Hubby and I took some pics yesterday. Some between storm images so we’d have a good comparison. (Yes, Hubby actually took pictures specifically for me to post on this blog.)

Baltimore-Washington Parkway

At first glance, this road looks pretty good. Until you consider that three days have passed since the blizzard hit and this is one of the primary routes to get into Baltimore City. It’s a two-lane road. There’s a tree down in the left lane, which has just been plowed around, so this two lane, major artery without warning suddenly becomes a one-lane road.

Interstate 95, South of Baltimore

This is I-95. Again, it looks pretty good. Until you think about that eight-foot wall of plowed snowed filling the entire shoulder of the road.

I’m not complaining. I think road crews have done a fine job considering the sheer volume of snow we received. What if we get two more feet?

Where will they put all of this snow?

This is our street. It’s a relatively wide suburban street. Most cars are parked in driveways. Look how much snow is piled on each side of the one lane that was plowed. Now, imagine if we lived in the city and the street was skinnier and/or had cars parked on both sides. In close quarters like that, you can’t push this much snow out of the way. There’s simply too much of it.

The main route out of our community.

This is the main road in our neighborhood. It looks great, really. It took three days and lots of work to get this way. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I want to go see the aftermath. I want to see what our world looks like now with 17 MORE inches of snow.

We’ve had a total of 44 inches of snow fall on us since Friday. Many folks around us got more. Here’s what it looked like at lunchtime today…

My world today.

Needless to say, Hubby and I didn’t get out much. The girls went outside a lot. I’m convinced we have the only operating bird feeders for miles around because our yard has been full of critters for days. Lots and lots of critters. Birds mostly. And some squirrels.

Belle and K are both super fast. And they LOVE chasing critters. You know what they love more than chasing critters? WAY more?

Our princess scored again.

Catching critters, of course. Belle actually caught a squirrel today. She and K have both been trying to catch one of those little buggers for months. Months and months. All day, they watched the feeders. We’d open the door, they’d run out through the blinding snow, the birds would all fly away and they’d come back inside and start all over again.

She was quite proud. After she did a couple of prancing laps around the yard, she had to bring it inside to show Hubby and I.

It’s a good thing Hubby was home. Because she couldn’t just stick her head inside the door, show it to us, then take it back outside. Nooooo. She had to bring it in, take it up the steps and plop it on the carpet at the top of the steps for everyone to see. Lucky for us, it wasn’t bloody.


K thought that Belle’s squirrel was awesome. Meg wanted no parts of it. The last time Belle caught a squirrel, she laid it in the grass on its back. Meg went up and sniffed the squirrel, which wasn’t dead after all. It grabbed and/or bit Meg’s nose. It really, really freaked her out, which is why she was actually afraid of Belle’s new squirrel.

It was all very exciting. But that excitement was short-lived. Hubby disposed of the body and, less than 30 minutes later, they were out chasing critters again.

Tomorrow I plan on getting out for some “after” pics. I have to. I mean, this is a 100 year storm. I’ve never walked through 40+ inches of snow before. I hope I don’t get lost…

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  1. The 8 foot wall of snow on 95 reminds me of the snow wall we saw at the national park, the only difference being that that snow wall was in June!

    K licking her lips over that squirrel is kind of icky, but also kind of made me laugh.

    Also, I haven’t been getting emails that let me know you’ve posted something new. I had been getting them, but nothing for the last two days. Do you know what’s up?

  2. If it only stopped two days ago, I have no idea why it stopped. I didn’t even know it was doing that. (-:

    I thought about warning you about the squirrel, but figured you’ve probably eaten squirrel yourself by now so could probably handle it.

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