K Wins the Prize

The second weekend in April has us back at the WV place. Temps this week are significantly cooler than last week. It was in the low 40s when we woke up this morning. The high is only supposed to reach 60. That’s MUCH more Spring-like, which is fine by me.

Although cooler, things definitely got more green over the past week. And the redbuds, which were just starting to bloom last week, are now in full bloom.

Redbud Tree at the End of Our Driveway
Redbud Close-up

Are you wondering what this has to do with K? Bear with me. I thought I’d give you some nice, pleasant, soothing images first.

I shot these pics this morning while I was out walking with the girls. Thanks to Google Maps, I can give you a satellite overview of our walking “trail.”

I labeled the map so I wouldn’t have to describe each marker in too much detail. Our driveway is 500-600 feet long. It bends in the middle. A typical walk takes us “down the hill” to the end of the driveway at Turkey Hollow Road. From there, we turn left and walk to the top of Turkey Hollow Road and then round the bend and continue to the cul-de-sac at the end of Turkey Hollow Road. The closest public road is at the bottom of the ridge behind our house. All of the roads on the map have a dirt and gravel surface, which means not a whole heck of a lot of traffic.

This morning, K disappeared into the woods opposite the end of the driveway at Turkey Hollow Road. I knew she wasn’t far away, so I continued walking to the top of Turkey Hollow Road, which is about 300 feet from the end of the driveway. After a minute or so, she reappeared. I called her once and she ignored me. She was busy sniffing at the ground. From that distance, I couldn’t tell what she was sniffing.

When I called her the second time, she came running.

K Comes A Runnin'

It was only on the way back toward the house that I discovered what she’d been sniffing.

K's Prize Carcass

Yep, she’d drug a carcass out of the woods.

K won the prize for first bit of grossness discovered this weekend.

Upon closer inspection (I had to look), I realized it was a possum. It was no baby either. This lovely bag of bones was at least a foot long. Of course, I couldn’t just let it lay there. Would you want your dogs eating (and potentially puking up) this nice treat?

Closer Shot of K's Treasure

I made K leave it lay so I could return to the house for a bag. (It was far too spread out and loosely assembled to just pick it up with my hands.)

She was not happy to leave her treasure behind.

Not Happy to Abandon Her Treasure

She was even less thrilled to see me bag it up upon our return.

Can I Have My Bone Back?

It’s a good thing I have a strong stomach.

And guess what? Mere minutes after our return to the house, Meg reappeared with a bone of her own.

Bone Envy

It was much larger, and older, so I’m guessing it was one of the original pieces from the infamous bone collection, which you can read more about if so inclined.

Meg’s bone is now in the bag with the possum carcass hanging high up on one of our porch columns where it will be safe until we dispose of it.

Why not just put it in the trash? Because our trash can is in the garage. And bones like that tend to smell pretty bad.

Hubby and I plan on taking a bicycle ride a bit later today. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be a little less grisly.

Sorry, but that’s the reality of life in the woods…

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  1. I seem to read your blog on the days when your dogs find stuff and you have to hang it in a tree to keep them from getting it again (turtle…). Great photos with great captions. I love the bokeh on your Redbud close up.

  2. Unfortunately, L, they tend to find stuff a lot. If I didn’t hang it up high and just tossed it away, they would just go and find it. Like the time I had a rotten apple that I threw WAY off into the woods. Belle, who doesn’t even like apples, retrieved it for me. So, I stick things in odd places. 🙂

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