Loving Nature

It was a pretty quiet weekend at the WV place. Not that I mind quiet, it just doesn’t make for a very entertaining Monday morning blog post.

I did get a couple of good nature images on Saturday while enjoying my morning stroll with the dogs.

Heart-shaped Redbud Leaves

If you look closely at the image provided above, you can just barely see the last of the Redbud flowers barely clinging on. The tree is now mostly covered with leaves. But they’re heart-shaped, which I think is pretty cool.

Wake-up Call

At first glance, you might find this picture of green leaves boring. But I like it, because it captures the early-morning light as it barely kisses the edge of the leaves. It reminds me of the quiet. All you hear in the morning is a few birds chirping here and there, maybe a cricket or two, and the dogs walking through the leaves. Off in the distance, I might hear a cow lowing, or even a rooster crowing. Saturday, I even heard a wild turkey gobbling not too far off in the woods. Lucky for that turkey the girls don’t understand what “gobble, gobble, gobble” means. And, yes, wild turkeys sound just like domestic turkeys.

Speaking of wild turkeys, here are a couple of shots from earlier this year. They’re not very clear, unfortunately, because it was pretty foggy, rainy and dark when I shot them, but it’ll show those who have never seen a wild turkey what one looks like.

Wild Turkey in the Fog

Wild Turkey in the Fog

There was some excitement yesterday. Well, okay, it wasn’t really “exciting,” but at least it’s something out of the ordinary to report. We had a spa day!

Belle getting a trim.

All of the girls needed a haircut, but Belle was especially in need. She gets this really fuzzy-looking fur I’ve been told is a spay coat. CeCe used to get it, too. It’s not very attractive, so we try to keep Belle trimmed.

Belle is VERY good when it comes to getting her hair done, which is why you’ll see an action photo of her and not the other girls. Meg is too impatient and K is not used to us giving her a trim, so she was a tad freaked out.

Meg and K standing by for their turns.

Afterward, I tried to get a nice shot of the three of them. But they really are like kids. YOU try getting three dogs to sit still and look at the camera at one time.

At least Hubby is looking at the camera.
The closest we got to having all three dogs look at the camera.

And, for the final dog shot…

This one is actually from last weekend when just Brianna and I were at the WV place with the dogs. I was busily packing up the truck, getting ready to leave, and noticed that there was not even one dog on my heels. That is highly unusual. I looked behind me into the garage. No dogs. I looked into the backyard. No dogs.

“Girls?” I said. No dogs.

That when I noticed I’d left the truck door open. And sure enough, that’s where they were.

All Loaded Up and Ready to Go

Having dogs is so much like having kids. Really. This isn’t a great shot, but at least you can see them sitting in the truck. I didn’t tell them to get in there. We were nowhere near ready to leave. They were just making sure they didn’t get left behind.

I hope you have a fabulous week!

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  1. In the first turkey shot, it almost seems as if the turkey is imposed into the forest. It may not technically be a good picture, but I still really like it!

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