Dance Like No One is Watching

As I mentioned in yesterday’s very long post about the holiday weekend, I took a bunch of pictures of Brianna when she didn’t know I was even watching much less snapping away with my camera. It’s candid shots like these that are often priceless, or at least very entertaining.

All three kids were outside trying to decide what to do. I’m not quite sure what Gaige had in mind. Joey wanted to play cops and robbers. The stick you’ll see in his hand is a fake gun. Imagine him walking around saying, “My kill bad guys.”

Brianna obviously wanted to dance. And dance she did.

Watch those facial expressions closely. The last shot you’ll see is her slinking away after she saw her Mom and I watching/snapping pictures.

[youtube 057zemB7LI8]

The kids disappeared from just outside the kitchen window shortly thereafter. When I walked outside to see what they were doing, this is what I saw…

"Put your hands up and don't move."

It was getting to be early evening by then which is why the image is so blurry (not enough light). But the intent expressions on their faces just makes me smile.

5 Replies to “Dance Like No One is Watching”

  1. I loved seeing all the pics of the kids! Brianna sure does love to dance, when I went to visit that is what she wanted to do before she went to be dance to Michael Jackson, so we did!

  2. I’m glad she never asked me for a bedtime dance session. Of course, kids usually ask their Grannies for bedtime stories. 🙂

  3. Such great pictures! And I think Brianna is going to be quite the dancer someday. She’s obviously got all the moves! And I love “My kill bad guys”. That is so cute. You really do tell good stories to accompany your wonderful pictures!
    AND! I so loved your comment on my You Capture picture today. See? You really do tell great stories. I’m sure that Girlfriend-The-Mallard would be pleased to know that at least one person understands and appreciates her and her attitude!

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