An Apology

A couple of days ago, I did a blog post about Dexter, one of the PA 13 dogs who needed a pretty expensive surgery. My lead-in to the main part of the post mentioned different things I’ve experienced personally of late that have left me scratching my head (a discarded dog, a half-ass project, and a horrible parent). Unfortunately, even though I didn’t mention names, one of the people involved in that ill-fated project was horribly offended by my post. She took it as a personal attack on her character and now believes that my innermost thoughts revolve around not liking her and/or thinking that she meant to do a bad job.

I’ve tried repeatedly to call this person and apologize for offending her. She hasn’t answered the phone and won’t return my calls. So I have to resort to explaining myself here.

First, the three things weren’t even remotely related. The project had nothing to do with the parent and vice-versa. Second, my segue to the Dexter part of the post (“Enough with people. They really piss me off.”) was not targeted at the project folks either. It was primarily referring to the horrible parent who has a gift for pissing me off primarily because the things that she does and has done over the past 18+ years continue to hurt two of the people I love most in this world.

The comment was not meant as a personal attack. I happen to think very highly of the folks that were involved. They are kind, decent people who offered to help someone that I know they love and respect a great deal. I am not angry at any of these people. I am just surprised and confused (i.e., left scratching my head) at the fact that they didn’t take greater care when doing this project. If I were sitting in a room with these folks, I would not have blurted my opinion out of the blue for all to hear because I know it would hurt their feelings. Hurting their feelings was never my intention. If I had intended to be hurtful, I would have called them.

K, I am sorry I hurt your feelings. That is not what I set out to do. My statement was not meant as a personal attack against you. I do not think you would intentionally do something to hurt the person I am referring to. I was wrong to express my opinion on my blog for all the world to see. I know you were trying to help. I know you would never, ever set out to do something to hurt the person in question. It has nothing to do with whether we get along or not.

Hopefully you’ll be able to think about this rationally one day and realize it was just my opinion. Nothing more.