One of the things I like most about participating in memes and other blog challenges is meeting new people and discovering new things. The You Capture photography meme is what led me to some of my now-favorite bloggie friends.

You know I like photography, right? I don’t mean just taking pictures. I mean looking at other people’s work, too. Vacation pictures, family pictures, artsy pictures, whatever. Maybe I’m just nosy? Anyway, one of the coolest things about You Capture is getting to see some amazing stuff. Snippets of people’s lives. Views of how other people see the world.

I just think it’s neat. That’s how I found the goat.

That shot made me chortle. (Now, there’s an underused word for you.) I just HAD to share it.

Bonnie Blackboer (from Eden Hill's Blog)

Here are some other entries I really liked this week:

  • From Still Life – Fiber and Photos, some beautiful flower pictures. The second shot is my favorite.
  • The lady at Coneflower Ranch experimented with something called painting with light. I just LOVE the third shot with the bottles. That is definitely a technique I’ll have to explore.
  • And I really dig this Batman and Robin shot (scroll down when you get to Naptime Notes).
  • Who would have ever thunk bubbly fruit could be so awesome? Look what Chic Homeschool Mama did with it.
  • The lady from Girasole Farm captured a riveting barbed wire shot and a pretty flower, too.
  • How could I not love the lady at Gone Walkabout 2, who packed home 53 pounds of rocks from a vacation to Scotland? (Have I ever told you about my rocks?)
  • There was even a graphic sax image from Awesomeville (those crazy Brits).
  • And I really enjoyed visiting the snowy forest with Who is Tiffany?
  • There’s a cool stack of buttons and other great work at Fluffy Bunnies, too.
  • How can I forget Beth, who hosts You Capture? She really knows how to harness light.

Anyone can participate in You Capture. Whether you have a fancy camera or not.

It’s fun.

I discovered something else indirectly through You Capture. You know how that goes, following a link to a link to a link.

Despair, Inc., the company responsible for images, as seen below, which have been appearing on Facebook quite a bit lately.

Their collection of demotivational images is perfect for people like me who get so sick and tired of seeing all the sugary, happy-happy-joy-joy stuff people come up with.

This snippet is from their website…

At Despair, Inc., we believe it’s time people face the truth- that any kind of motivation you can buy isn’t worth owning, and in the end will produce even greater demoralization. Given that inevitable fact, we’d like to invite you to skip the delusions that motivational products induce and head straight for the disappointment that follows!

Here’s another one…

It isn’t just the sarcasm that gets me with these images. It’s the shiny-on-the-surface, what you see is not what you get aspect of it. There’s been so much of this motivational crap plastered about, who really takes time to read the small print?

Maybe these images will make folks stop to take a closer look at things again.

That and, I just think they are funny.

8 Replies to “Discoveries”

  1. Demotivational posters crack me up, too. The last line on the meteor one… <3 😆

    Thanks for introducing us to all of these other great blogs!

  2. I love this post and I especially love that you featured You Capture. Beth is an innovative and visionary blogger who started a photo sharing platform long before they were ‘all the rage’. And she challenges us all to be better photographers. It’s great seeing her get some recognition.
    And your review of Despair, Inc. is both interesting and hilarious.
    Thanks for YOUR interesting and informative blogging.

  3. Well- thank you so much for the mention! I appreciate that. It certainly is so nice meeting all these wonderful people that wouldn’t otherwise be in my life- but blogging has brought them to me. Amazing!

  4. Thanks for the mention of my new blog! It’s been a bit strange to move YouCapture from No Ordinary Homestead to Who is Tiffany after doing it so long in the old location. 🙂

    I have truly learned volumes from those who participate in it each week, both about my photography and about my life!

    I love the demotivational posters as well. I like to look at the glass half full, but I’m horribly sarcastic and practical a lot of the time. And really, you can’t deny that they are just funny! 🙂

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