Enjoying the Yard… Sort Of

We’re digging our new yard.

That’s quite literal as far as the dogs are concerned. The mulch smells so good to them that they are eating it!

Dumb bitches.

I hope the stink wears off soon.

And K has discovered that there’s a Cardinal family living in our honeysuckle.

Our OCD Girl

I posted that pic on Facebook the other day and said something like “those birds don’t stand a chance.”

That statement was more prophetic than I realized.

One baby is now deceased.


Belle hasn’t gotten much face time lately, so I figured I’d post a picture or two of her for a change. Here she is napping next to Meg. They sure love those beds.

K’s bed was empty because she really is obsessed with those birds.

She looks rather pathetic laying there staring up at them. Every now and then, it gets the best of her and she’ll start to cry.

Hubby decided he’d show her what was in there, hoping maybe to dissuade her from wanting to spend every waking moment staring at that bush.

A Helping Hand
A Closer Look

It was a solid hypothesis.

A REALLY Close Look

But K is no less obsessed.

When Belle saw Dad holding K up there to see, she was jealous.

Baby Girl Gets a Peek, Too

She was interested, just not as much as K.

"Thanks, Dad. But will you put me down now?"

As much as Belle loves being cuddled, she quickly grew tired of her elevated position.

K just wanted them both out of her way.


Think I am exaggerating her degree of obsession?


Think again.

Observing from Afar

Belle is perfectly happy watching from a slight distance. She’s more easily distracted than K.

As for Meg, she could care less. Live critters freak her out. Ever since she went to examine a squirrel she thought Belle had killed a few years back.

The thing was laying belly-up in our backyard when Meg moseyed over for a sniff. Much to her dismay — and our amusement — the squirrel had been faking. It miraculously came back to life, grabbed Meg’s nose, and freaked her the hell out. Meg bolted and Belle returned for the kill.

Ah, life with dogs…

To give Meg something to do, I took her around to the far side of the house to help demonstrate the STUPID positioning of one of our hose bibbs, which I discussed in my previous post about our newly updated yard.

The Hose Bibb

I shot that pic while standing at ground level. Meg is sitting on the edge of the planting bed. See the hose bibb way above and behind her?

Here’s a view from just inside the gate.

Stupid Hose Bibb

See it there on the wall? It’s about 15 feet away from the back corner of the house. And like four feet off of the ground. It’s actually much easier to reach now with the planting bed there. Before, we had to scale a very slippery hill.

Hubby will relocate it one of these days. He’ll have to rip out part of the ceiling in the basement to do it, so he’s in no hurry.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do.


2 Replies to “Enjoying the Yard… Sort Of”

  1. I have to stop reading your posts at work as I was cracking up at the squirrel playing dead and it attacking MEG 🙂 Everyone was wondering what was so funny!

  2. That is one patient and determined poochie. Isn’t it funny how pets can get so obsessed with something?

    Beautiful honeysuckle, sure wish ours were blooming. We are making due with blooms on peonies, sambucus, dogwoods, rhododendrons, azaleas, and spirea until the perennials are up enough to bloom. My echinacea is now knee high, yay.

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