Pacific Northwest – Installment 2

After being away for two weeks, there were some administrative things (i.e., paying bills) that needing tending to this morning. So I don’t have time for a full update.

But, instead of doing no post at all, I decided to do a quickie.

Installment 1 ended with our Monday arrival in Portland after dark. Annelies and I were both disappointed that we didn’t get to see the house in daylight as we’d both been very excited to see the place.

She and I put a TON of time into planning our trips, and we both thought this place, which she found on TripAdvisor, would be a real gem.

It was. I never did take any interior pics (follow the TripAdvisor link above if you are curious) of the house we came to know as the “Portland Victorian.”

I did take a walk through the neighborhood on Tuesday morning. I even captured some shots of the pretty flowers in our Victorian’s garden. Those images just happen to be the subject of this quickie post.

Portland Victorian
Portland Victorian


Front Porch Grapes


Lovely Red Roses


Blush Rose


Pink Dahlias


Budding Beauty


Red & White Dahlias



Sorry if the flower shots bore you.

My next installment will cover our trip into the City of Portland.



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