Pacific Northwest – Installment 16

As I said in my last post, after delivering us to Amy’s house, Annelies and Yves left. Their plan was to spend a day in Seattle before flying to Philadelphia to visit some other friends.

Natural Disaster Awareness

Friday morning, the grand kids headed off to school, and we got to hang out with Amy, TJ, and Shannon. We opted to visit Sumner, a neighboring town, that Amy had told me about.

It was a pleasant morning spent visiting as we perused the various shops lining Sumner’s Main Street. One of the shops is an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist. Amy is interested in learning to paint furniture and stuff. In fact, since then, we visited again and I was able to give her a lesson. If you missed the painting post, it’s here.

Sumner is a nice little town. There were quite a few funky little shops that piqued our interest and gave us something to do for a few hours. We’d tossed around the idea of going into Seattle to see the public market, but Hubby and I were quite tired of touristy pursuits by that time, so we decided to postpone that until our next visit. We really just wanted to spend time with the kids.

Temperatures were mild that day (60s?), but the skies were quite gray. Here are a few images I captured in Sumner…

Wall Mural
Wall Mural


Main Street Shops
Main Street Shops


Interesting Store Window
Interesting Store Window




Ironic Graffiti
Ironic Graffiti


Shannon, Me, and Amy
Shannon, Me, and Amy

We had lunch then returned to the house for more visiting.

The next day, Saturday, was all about football. Joey and Gaige both had games that day. Joey was quite tickled to have us all there watching.

Checking to make sure we were watching.

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Missed Tackle


Joey (far left) is the smallest kid on the team.


Checking to make sure we were still watching.


The Big Take-down (don’t let his petite size fool you)


Action Shot



Temps that day were in the low to mid 50s, I think. By the end of Joey’s game, we were all quite chilly. Especially Shannon, who had ended her two-month tour of Central America before flying to Washington to visit with us. But we still had Gaige’s game to see…

Gaige was not happy that he didn’t get much playing time.


Action Shot






Unfortunately, Brianna was under the weather, so we didn’t get to see much of her. She’d stayed home rather than suffering through two coldish football games.

Joey helped Shannon make dinner.


He’s a good helper.


He helped with clean-up, too.


Pretzel dogs, my favorite!

And that’s it for the September vacation re-cap. Finally.

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  1. Dang, apparently all I do is make pretzel dogs!

    That Central America trip was actually four months…in the tropics…during the summer. Can you really blame me for being cold on an overcast, 50 degree day? πŸ˜‰

    That picture of you, me, and Amy is a good one! I think I might be getting more photogenic as I get older. πŸ˜€

  2. Yay!!! It’s finally done – we can finally stop thinking you don’t like us πŸ™‚ Miss you guys. Sorry to hear you guys are covered in snow again πŸ™

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