Through the Lens of Annelies

Hubby Mike and I are very lucky to have two dear friends, Annelies and Yves, who make perfect traveling companions. Do you know how rare it is to have four adults who enjoy traveling together, in very close company, for two-plus weeks? Really rare. That’s a lot of togetherness.

We might get a little loopy, but that’s part of the fun.

L-R, Yves, Annelies, Me, and Hubby Mike
L-R, Yves, Annelies, Me, and Hubby Mike

We all share similar likes/dislikes when it comes to interests, pace of travel, things to see/do, food to eat, places to stay, things that amuse or or not, etc. Hubby swears that Annelies and I are sisters separated at birth.

One of the things Annelies and I share is our love for photography. Our men are used to the two of us lagging behind, shooting photos. She and I always chuckle when we catch up to them and see them sitting on a bench, log, wall, etc., happily chatting away about one thing or another, as they patiently wait for us. I think “the boys” might enjoy those moments as much as we enjoy shooting pics.

After finishing my vacation re-cap (there’s a listing with links to all of the posts, at the very bottom of this post), I decided to have another look through the images that Annelies captured. I did incorporate some of her pics into my later posts, but I thoroughly enjoyed going through her pics again.

I find it quite intriguing that we travel together, both taking tons of pictures, and inevitably end up with different images of things, unique shots that the other didn’t see, etc. Of course, when we are shooting we’ll sometimes say, “Here we go taking pictures of the same thing again.” So it’s fun looking through someone else’s shots of the exact same vacation and seeing so much different stuff.

I thought you might find it fun, too. So I uploaded about 200 of her images to Flickr and embedded a slideshow below for your viewing pleasure.

You can watch the show on this screen or, if you’d prefer seeing larger shots, click on the link at the top of the slideshow embedded here and you’ll get to watch it on Flickr (photo-sharing site). Don’t see a link? Put your mouse pointer over the slideshow and FLICKR should appear at the top with the link to the right of that. It’s easy.

I hope you enjoy seeing her images as much as I did.

NOTE: If you are using a mobile device, you may not be able to see the slideshow and/or link below, so CLICK HERE to get to the Flickr slideshow.

One thing is certain, the four of us had had lots of fun seeing some amazing things together on two different continents. We’ve shared a lot of laughs and have made some incredible memories. Hubby and I are both very grateful to have them in our lives and anxiously await our next adventures together.

Hugs hugs to you both. We really love you guys!



TRIP Re-cap


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Installment 5: Olympic Peninsula, Here We Come!

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6 Replies to “Through the Lens of Annelies”

  1. So much fun to flip though the pictures.

    You’ve probably heard of ‘brother from another mother’ for the guys, but what about “Sister from another mister” That is what you and Annelies are.

    It is great to see a foursome get along so well. Rare indeed. Cherish it, as I am sure you do.

  2. Kathy:

    Having friends with the same interests is only part of the equation. Like any relationship there has to be give and take, and compromise. It doesn’t happen by accident requiring empathy from both sides. I am happy that you have life long friends able to share vacations on two continents

    Photos only enhance the memory experience . . . so glad that you managed to find each other

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Yes, that’s it, B. She’s my sister from another mister! We do cherish them, of course, as we all realize how lucky we are!

  4. Thanks, Bob. We’re glad, too! And we have tons of photo memories, thanks to Annelies and me. And the guys, too, for being such silly subjects.

  5. How about adding in a THIRD continent now? Wouldn’t that be fun?! 🙂

    (I’m totally serious, just in case you didn’t think I was, btw.)

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