Update from Switzerland

We left Belgium on Thursday with Annelies and Yves for a drive to Switzerland. Our mutual friends Tammi and Martin, who we hadn’t seen for two years, live in Ecublens, a small village outside of Lausanne near Rue.

Amish Minion!
Amish Minion!

Ecublens is about an 8-hour drive from Zaffelare, Annelies and Yves’ hometown. Another mutual friend, Heather, with her husband, Timo, had arrived in Ecublens on Thursday morning. We were headed for a fun reunion.

Heather and Timo had been visiting Timo’s family in Sweden and Finland. Ecublens was a brief stopover on their way home. We knew we wouldn’t make it all the way to Switzerland on Thursday night, but wanted to arrive reasonably early on Friday.

We had a very late dinner at a Burger King in Luxembourg and then stopped for the night in Metz, France. I spotted the Amish Minion at a service area off the highway. He makes me smile.

As usual, I don’t have time for a full-blown post, but wanted to share a few pics and let y’all know that all is well.

Ecublens, Switzerland
Ecublens, Switzerland


BE_to_CH 090
View from Tammi and Martin’s terrace.


BE_to_CH 081
L-R, Annelies, Heather, Me, and Tammi


BE_to_CH 098
L-R, Martin, Tammi, Annelies, Me, Mike, Yves, Timo, and Heather


We’ve had a fabulous visit. I know this is getting repetitive, but I’ll share details and more pics later. We leave here in a bit to head back north. First stop, Sinsheim, Germany.

A real, live, Gruyere cow.
Real, live, Gruyere cows.


We’ve enjoyed Switzerland even more than I thought we would. And that says a lot. Tammi and Martin are fabulous hosts with a beautiful home and two cute dogs. Martin is a wonderful cook, too. We’ve eaten well, laughed A LOT, and shared lots of stories. I’m already looking forward to our next gathering.

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  1. I am just loving your trip. Wow, you got to meet actual Gruyere cows? Superstars! Did you get their autograph? The fog in Eclubens is so cool. I imagine the air is clean and sparkling.

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