BBBC #21 Best Book Ever

21 Feb

Asking me to pick a my favorite book is like asking me to name my favorite musician. There are far too many to choose from. And books, like music, fit a certain mood, speak to a certain interest, meet a need, and/or fit a specific purpose.

While it’s tempting to name a variety of my favorite books, I’ll share the one that’s been on my mind most lately.


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is a novel about a dog. Like most dog stories, you probably won’t finish without shedding a tear or two. But I like the way it ends from the dog’s perspective.

If you, like me, have ever had to make the horrible, gut-wrenching, humane decision to end you beloved dog’s suffering, you might find a bit of solace in the story. I know I did.

It’s well-written and an all around great read. I really need to find my copy so I can read it again.

Me and CeCe

Me and CeCe


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Me and Meg


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