BBBC #24 Handwriting

There was a time when I enjoyed using cursive (aka longhand) script when putting pen to paper.

I was going to say I print more than I write nowadays, but then I looked through three legal pads full of work-related notes and discovered that I use an odd mix of both.

ToadMama's Written Words
ToadMama’s Written Words

I think my handwriting is clear enough for most people to decipher. What do you think?

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4 Replies to “BBBC #24 Handwriting”

  1. I read that cursive is no longer taught in school anymore. I’m not sure if it was just an Alaska thing or universal. I guess with all of the electronic gadgets, keyboarding may be a more useful skill except most kids type with their thumbs these days…

    1. Richard, I’ve also heard that schools no longer teach cursive. I guess longhand is like today’s calligraphy. I can’t imagine writing everything by dipping a pen into an inkpot and making pretty letters.

  2. I think your handwriting is very legible, if the above example is normal.

    Ha, I say that because if I really want mine to be legible, it is. If I am in a hurry, forgettaboutit…

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