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BBBC #28 Childhood Photo

As I flipped through my Mom’s old photo album, looking for a childhood photo of myself to post, I couldn’t help but think about my family, and my childhood, and time’s relentless march. Not all of the memories are good ones, but I seem to have survived okay. And, like time, I keep marching on.

I couldn’t pick just one image, surprise surprise.

Sorry for the poor quality. These are pictures of pictures. My scanner isn’t communicating with my computer at the moment and I don’t have the patience to try and figure out why.


I think this was around age 2, but am not sure.



Pretty sure I’m 3 in this pic.



Around age 5.

That pic was taken while I was in kindergarten. I remember that haircut. I HATED it. I think I hated it more because it was called a “pixie cut” than because of the way it looked.


Guessing I was 6 or 7. Still had my baby teeth.



Age 9.5 for sure. The US bicentennial photo.



Either 10 or 11.

I made that T-shirt. Well, I decorated it anyway. That heart was a free iron-on that came in my Mom’s Woman’s Day magazine. I remember the oddest stuff.


Age 11

Yes, the quality of that image is especially poor, but I had to share it. I LOVED that pogo stick. I remember one time when I was counting jumps, I got to over 1,000 without stopping. I don’t remember the exact number, but I know it was over 1,000. Momentous accomplishments such as that are hard to forget.


Age 15

Fast-forward to age 15. The beginning of my second year in high school.



Age 22


I may have felt like a grown-up, but, looking back, I know I was still a kid there. A Mom at age 22. Think of all the girls who have babies even younger. I canNOT imagine…

I hope y’all enjoyed that whirlwind tour through my childhood.


  1. March 19, 2016    

    Every age is special.

    You know you’ve matured when you don’t mind posting those photos.

    I look back to when I was in my late teens, early twenties, and (if you can believe it) shoulder length hair.

    Nothing could get me to post those.

  2. March 19, 2016    

    Oh my! I’m glad I can’t find any old photos…

    • March 22, 2016    

      They weren’t that bad, were they?

  3. shan's Gravatar shan
    March 21, 2016    

    Your hair was so much lighter when you were younger.

    I agree with David’s sentiment – I showed Chris a goofy ass photo of me that was super embarrassing for a long time, but I must have matured because I was like, “hey, come look at how goofy I used to look!”

    • March 22, 2016    

      Shan, I’m coming full circle!!! I am not turning gray, it’s the color of youth coming through.

  4. March 24, 2016    

    Great pics! I think the different hairstyles are fascinating and so cute! You really haven’t changed much at all, you lucky lady!

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