Never a Dull Moment

Recently, a self-proclaimed left-brained photographer left a comment right here on this very blog. Which is awesome. I love getting comments from new readers. Anyway…

Me being me (I am afflicted with CRS syndrome), I couldn’t remember if left-brained is more analytical or more creative. I was headed to the kitchen for some pretzel nuggets, i.e., lunch, so I popped in to ask Hubby.

“Do you remember…” I began, “which side of the brain is analytical and which is creative? You know, like what kind of person is right-brained or left-brained?”

He sort of rolled his eyes, sighed theatrically (after 17 years he is completely used to me asking weird questions) and said, “I don’t know which one is left-brained and which one is right-brained. All I know is that no brained is called a Terry.”

It’s a good thing I wasn’t already eating a pretzel nugget, I may have choked at that one. Yeah, it was a little mean. But it was also pretty funny (and appropriate).

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to share that little gem of a story here on the Blog. But it slipped. (Here’s a link in case I got you wondering about the left brain/right brain thing.)

Every now and then, Hubby comes up with some pretty good stuff.

Like one year after Thanksgiving. It’s typically my job to decorate for Christmas and his job to box everything up post-holiday. He’s very careful and neat, too. After I’d taken my snowman cookie jar out of its box and carefully removed it from its plastic bag, I found a hand-written note that said something like, “Help me! I can’t breathe!”

Okay, that wasn’t hilarious, but it struck me pretty funny at the time.

This next story is funnier…

If you read my blog a few posts ago where I mentioned our upcoming motorcycle tour, you know I had to buy a pair of leather chaps. I’ve been wanting some for a while. They help keep you warm AND are safer for motorcycle riding. But I just hadn’t taken the plunge.

There’s a joke in our family about these things. At Christmas a few years back, Hubby was pretty excited when he received a pair as a gift. Shannon’s ex, Daniel, found it hysterical that Hubby had gotten ass-less leather chaps for Christmas and was happy about it. That’s because Daniel was picturing this sort of man in ass-less chaps.

Ever since then, we never just call them chaps. How boring! We always call them “ass-less leather chaps.” And yes, once I’d placed the order for a pair of my own, I was pretty excited.

Every day this week, I’ve been asking, “Did Fed-Ex come yet?” The answer was always no.

Finally, today, while I was on a phone call, they arrived. Hubby was kind enough to collect the box from the Fed-Ex dude. He even delivered it to me in my office and put it face down on my lap.

The Long-awaited Package

“Oh, look. The box says stuff like ‘leather’ and ‘hawk’ and ‘outlaw’,” I said. I have a biker image to uphold you know.

Then I turned the box over.

Check Out the Hand-written Message

Now THAT was funny.

I was going to share a picture of me wearing them (I HAD to try them on), but they looked really dorky over my baby-blue flannel PJs…

13 Replies to “Never a Dull Moment”

  1. Oh man. There is SO much here that had me cracking up, I don’t even know where to begin. But maybe with your little “slip?” And then the fact that Daniel was actually near bursting with his assless chaps comment and had to hold it in until we left your house. The snowman who couldn’t breathe was pretty damn funny, too. So thanks for the laughs all around! 😀

  2. I knew you’d be the first to comment and the most entertained. I can just picture him near bursting with that one, and always get an inner chuckle when I think of it.

  3. If I recall correctly, there were a few mini-marshmallows in that bag too. Poor guy had no way of relieving himself…

    From a left-brained kinda guy…

  4. I would have been the first to comment but I was reading on my phone (like normal). I was cracking up laughing while at the doctor’s office and people were starring at me! And Tiffany read this morning too and called me laughing. I had to fill her in on the “slip” though.

  5. I am still laughing, that was hilarious-ok did that message come delivered like that or did Mike write it on there! If so sounds like something my hubby would do.

  6. Oh my god – this is so funny! Thanks for sharing this; but I’m not sure I’ll get the vision of you wearing leather chaps over your PJs out of my head… Sorry, that should be assless leather chaps, of course! It’s a good thing Mike doesn’t look as crazy as he is… 😉

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