One Hot Mama

At the risk of sounding like a real whiner, I have to say it was hot yesterday. According to the Weather Channel, it hit 91 degrees.

It was too hot for a motorcycle ride. For me anyway. Because I hate being hot. The air may have “only” been 91 degrees, but it felt hotter inside my helmet.

My head was sweating. I HATE that.

Maybe later in the year 91 degrees won’t feel so bad. Maybe by then we’ll have had time to acclimate slowly to the increasingly warmer temperatures. But when the HIGH swings 40 degrees in mere days, from 50 to 90, temperatures in the 90s feel damn hot.

Speaking of damn hot… it appears my post about my ass-less leather chaps was quite popular. So popular, in fact, that I felt a follow-up was in order.

Unfortunately, it was too hot to wear them yesterday while riding. But I know y’all are just dying to see what they look like, right?

Oh come on and just admit it.

Go ahead and say, “I’ve got to see what this idiot looks like in these ass-less leather chaps she keeps prattling on and on about.”

Periodically, I do poke fun at people on my blog. I try no to be too mean about it. And I poke fun at myself sometimes, too.

Like now, when I reveal the pics I took of myself yesterday. The pics I took actually wearing my fancy new chaps…

And you thought "hot" was referring to temperatures!

You may notice the dogs in these shots. That’s not because I wanted them there, it’s because I can’t do anything without my girls by my side.

See? They really are ass-less!

They are called assless for a reason. Now, at the risk of looking slightly pornographic and extremely silly, I just could NOT resist this shot…

Lovely' eh? This is why I need a wide motorcycle seat.

Also, just for you, I assembled all three pics into one nice little collection…

One Not-So-Hot ToadMama

I may not be afraid to poke fun at myself, but you may have noticed the size of these pics. The resolution is low so that, if anyone decides to plaster these lovely images anywhere for the entire world to see, they won’t be life-size shots.

I may be brave, but I am not stupid…

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  1. Awesome! I actually think you look bad ass in that first shot. . .although the last one did bring on the LOLs. 😀

  2. I agree with Shannon, you sure look like one cool, bad ass motorcycle chic in the first one! Other ones….too funny! You’re a trip…:) Thanks for sharing!

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